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Vermont Covered Bridge Recovery

Taftsville Bridge to be Dismantled - WGN 45-14-12

Woodstock, Vt., November 4, 2011 - The Woodstock Selectmen was informed by VTrans and the engineering firm of McFarland Johnson that the Taftsville Bridge suffered more damage than originally thought.
      The abutment on the Route 4 end of the bridge was found to be unstable requiring that that half of the bridge, from the center pier to the abutment will need to be dismantled so the abutment can be rebuilt.
      The VTrans engineer responsible for the project will present the scope of work in detail at the town hall on Wednesday, November. 9 at 7:00pm.
      The September 19 assesment of the Taftsville Bbridge by VTrans: Closed to all traffic. Debris at center pier. Signs of debris impact on center stone pier. Adjacent to dam and power plant. Stone abutments. Washout at southwest abutment. Abutments compromised. Wing wall compromised. Partial collapse of west stone abutment and SE stone wingwall. Bank slide at NW corner.

Hall Bridge - WGN 45-13-07#2/ Bartonville Bridge - WGN 45-13-11
by Ray Hitchcock

Rockingham, Vt. November 3, 2011 - Work is starting todayon the Hall Bridge footings.
      The Select board last night hired engineering firm Clough Harbour Associates to design the replacement bridge for Bartonsville. They have settled on a wood covered bridge but may be looking for a stronger design and presumably bigger interior to handle fire trucks.
      The firm representative Phil Pierce offered a few alternatives including one of concrete and steel for $75,000 less. I think one alternative is a replica.
      The September 19 assesment of the Hall Bridge by VTrans: One abutment was undermined with temporary cribbing repair in place, the abutment showing shifting, tree penetrated siding. Sink hole at approach. Bridge is barricaded and closed to traffic.
      The September 19 assesment of the Bartonsville bridge by VTrans: Destroyed by flooding and washed down stream. Not salvageable.

Rockingham to rebuild Bartonville Bridge - WGN 45-13-11

Rockingham, Vt. November 2, 2011 - The Rockingham Selectboard has agreed to rebuild the covered bridge spanning the Williams River in Bartonsville. The selectbord made the decision when it was found that the cost of rebuilding the covered bridge was nearly the same as a contemplated concrete and steel alternative.

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