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Museum to be "Portal to Bridges"

Bennington Center for the Arts. Photo by Joe Nelson
March 12, 2002
Bennington Center for the Arts with new covered bridge museum wing under construction.            Photo by Joe Nelson
Bennington, March 18, 2002 - The Vermont Covered Bridge Museum is the newest addition-in-progress to the Bennington Center for the Arts. Scheduled to open in Spring of 2003, it will house an exhibit, museum shop and café. This "Portal to Bridges in Vermont" will use oral histories, anecdotes, photographs, displays and books and their authors to examine covered bridges engineering, effect on peoples' lives, history and the impact of modernization. Related to these subjects is their preservation and future. A DVD presentation in the 30-person theatre will address these and many other aspects of covered bridges and guide the viewer through the exhibits.
       - Vanessa Wassenar, Executive Director, Bennington Center for the Arts.

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