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Vermont Covered Bridge Trivia

Edited from the book Spanning Time

1.) Which Vermont covered bridge houses a red, white, and blue Postal Service box?

2.) Which wooden bridge, within the State of Vermont, has the longest span?

3.) What unusual truss supports the Lincoln Bridge in West Woodstock?

4.) Which Vermont covered bridge was known as the Blue Bridge?

5.) Which Vermont covered bridge has completely enclosed trusses?

6.) What builder could barely sign his name but could design bridges with the best?

7.) How many bridges did Theodore Burr build in Vermont?

8.) Which bridge is the highest above the stream bed it crosses?

9.) Which bridge stands at the lowest distance above sea level?

10.) Which bridge is the longest single span using the plank lattice truss?

11.) What body of water does the covered bridge at the Shelburne Museum span?

12.) What is the longest covered bridge in Vermont using the multiple kingpost truss?

13.) Why are covered bridges covered?

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