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Pulp Mill Bridge Update

Middlebury, Aug. 5, 2005 - The timing of the announcement of the Federal dollars for the highway/rail infrastructure of western Vermont and the inclusion of dollars for Pulp Mill Bridge in such proximity to the meeting of July 15 made it unnecessary for me to write an update on a Town decision. It was apparent at that meeting that Pulp Mill needed to stay where it was, kept in service, and the site not chosen for an additional Otter Creek crossing. This sense was pretty much the understanding of the Selectboard after hearing covered bridge restorer Jan Lewandoski and Eric Gilbertson, of the state Division for Historic Preservation.
       For the story regarding Middlebury, the highway funding bill, and the Pulp Mill Bridge, go to: http://www.addisonindependent.com/News/080405bridge.html

Irene Barna

[In a nutshell, according to the referenced Addison Independent article, The Pulp Mill Bridge will stay where it is and remain in service as a "fully functional, historic bridge." The bridge will receive $1.875 million for rehabilitation from the 2005 federal highway bill.]

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