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County on Mission to Preserve Three Covered Bridges
Buttonwood Bridge [WGN 38-41-01]
Buckhorn Bridge [WGN 38-41-02]
Moreland Bridge [WGN 38-41-03]

Lycoming County, PA, December 12, 2010 - Lycoming County will spend $866,000 to renovate The Lairdsville, or Moreland, or Frazier covered bridge, the work to be done next spring and summer using funding made available through a state program designed to save the historic structures.
      The other bridges, the Buttonwood and the Buckhorn, were renovated in 1998 using the same type of funding - a combination of Federal Highway Transportation funding and state Act 26 funding - that will be used to fix the Moreland bridge.
      The Buttonwood bridge was renovated at a cost of about $147,000,the Buckhorn at a cost of $105,000
      According to the World Guide to Covered Bridges, published by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges; the 74-foot Buttonwood bridge was built in 1898 to cross Blockhouse Creek in a single span using a combination multiple king post and queen post truss.
      The 93-foot Buckhorn bridge was built in 1877 to cross Larry's Creek in a single span using a Burr truss.
      The 78-foot Moreland bridge was built in 1888 to cross Little Muncy Creek also using a Burr truss, also a single span. This bridge is in such a state that nearly all of it's original fabric will need to be replaced.
      For the story, go to;       [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

County will rehabilitate Yachats Covered Bridge
[WGN 37-21-08]

Waldport, OR, December 8, 2010 - The North Fork Yachats Covered Bridge is one of two local covered bridges to be restored through a grant from the National Historic Covered Bridge Program.
      The project will cost $665,000, with approximately 10.27 percent, provided by Lincoln County.
      The 42-foot bridge was built in 1938 to cross the North Fork Yachats River in one span using a Howe truss.
      For the story and photo, go to
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Clarkson Covered Bridge Renovation in Planning
[WGN 01-22-01]

Cullman County, AL, November 18, 2010 - The Clarkson Covered Bridge is a step closer to a complete overhaul following the latest agreement between Cullman County and the state transportation department in planning a long-awaited teardown-and-rebuilding effort
      According to the World Guide to Covered Bridges published by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, the 250-foot Clarkson, or Legg bridge was built in 1904 to cross Crooked Creek in two spans using the Town truss. It is one of the longest covered bridges in the South.
      For the story, a history of the bridge and locale, go to
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Man Gets Jail Time for Torching Stone Ridge CB
WGN 55-15-08

New Brunswick, December 1, 2010 - Benjamin Michael Griffiths is going to jail for burning down the historic Stone Ridge covered bridge two years ago says he's sorry for his actions.
      Griffiths was found guilty in October of intentionally or recklessly causing damage to the bridge by fire Oct. 10, 2008. The 20-year-old was sentenced to six months in jail and placed on probation for 24 months.
      The punishment was in sharp contrast to what was given to a pair of teens who had been charged with the same offence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Both youths were placed on probation for a year and ordered to do community service work.
      Griffiths said it wasn't his intention to destroy the bridge that night. He said he had spent the day drinking with others when the decision was made.
      "I know that because of me and others, a historic landmark was destroyed," Griffiths told the court. "I wish I could go back and change what I did, but I can't."
      The Keswick River bridge had served as a link between the communities of Stone Ridge and Morehouse Corner for almost a century.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Goodpasture Covered Bridge to Receive Repairs
WGN 37-20-10

Lane County, OR, November 30, 2010 - A federal grant of over $2 million will help restore the Goodpasture Covered Bridge, located on Goodpasture County Road at Highway 126 just east of Vida. The bridge is under a 15-ton reduced load limit due to condition of its structure. Repairs could begin in 2012.       For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Teen on Probation for Torching Stone Ridge CB
WGN 55-15-08

New Brunswick, November 30, 2010 - A teen who pleaded guilty last month to burning down the historic Stone Ridge Covered Bridge northwest of Fredericton was sentenced Monday to supervised probation for one year and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.
      The Zealand-area youth, who can't be identified under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was charged with intentionally or recklessly causing damage to the bridge by fire Oct. 10, 2008. Two other males - a youth and an adult - were charged in the same incident.
      The bridge, which crossed the Keswick River, had connected the communities of Stone Ridge and Morehouse Corner for about 100 years.
      Judge Julian Dickson described the crime as a "pure act of vandalism" and "totally senseless." Not only was it a heritage bridge, it was a vital transportation link, the judge said. It cost $375,000 to replace it.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

New Bridge Found - Kanona NY
"Romantic Shelter"

11/6/2010 - Hi All... For all those Covered Bridge nuts out there (isn't that something like a pistachio or macadamia?) Jill & I have found a new bridge / romantic shelter ! ! !

(42.35717830488497, -77.39246428012848) -- according to Google Maps

      It is at the intersection of Chamberlain Road at Steuben County Route 14 outside Kanona, NY in the Township of Bath. It is 1.7 miles off State Route 415 which is just about one mile off Interstate 86 at the Kanona Exit. Looks like a LOT of work went into the masonry but it is a very nice little bridge over an active stream. Total height is about 10 feet and length is about 18 feet. I was a "good boy" and didn't trespass, besides we were on our way to a Roast Beef dinner at a local church and didn't have a tape measure with me!!!!

                   Bob & Jill Michielsen

New Bridge Found - Fort Edward NY
"Romantic Shelter"

11/7/2010 - Hey all, After receiving Bob Michielsens email about a new covered bridge (R/S) in New York, I thought I'd send another one that I found close to our home. Here are the directions to the bridge.
      From Jct, Rt-4 Fort Edward, go .7 miles on Rt-197 to a left turn onto County Rt-29 (W. River Road). Go 3.5 miles to the bridge on the left, which is across from MOTT RD. It connects County Rt. 29 with Griffin Island. In the inlet you can see 4 sea planes docked just downstream from the bridge. It has a slate roof too.
      It was added onto an existing bridge that the owner built last year supported by 5 steel I-beams. The owner told me it could support any vehicle that travels on any super highway in America. It has a 14' 4" clearance through the bridge. Is approximatly 55' long and connects the shoreline of the Hudson river to Griffin Island where there are a number of sea planes docked in the inlet. The bridge is called "Pilot's Crossing".
      Here are some pictures of the bridge I took a couple weeks ago.

                   David Guay

pilots crossing Bridge. Photo by David Guay, 11/7/2010 pilots crossing Bridge. Photo by David Guay, 11/7/2010

Neglect and Damage to Oregon Covered Bridge
WGN 37-15-02

Jackson County, OR, 11/15/2010 - Damage, Graffiti, cigarettes, and "perhaps Marijuana", have been found in the covered bridge in Eagle Point.
      "The bridge was moved to Eagle Point a number of years ago to provide a safe passage across the creek for school children, keeping them away from vehicles. And, its secondary purpose was to be a tourist attraction-something the community could be proud of."
      The writer asks for help in making repairs and for patrolling the bridge. The bridge is apparently the span moved from an Antelope Creek location to the current one over Little Butte Creek. The 58-foot Antelope Creek bridge was built in 1922 using a queenpost truss.
      For the story and photos go to;

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding the story - Ed.]

Rushville's Newest Covered Bridge

Rushville,IN, October 22, 2010 - One of the foot bridges spanning Hodges' Branch in Rushville's South Veterans Memorial Park is getting replaced through the ingenuity and elbow grease of city employees with a quaint covered bridge.
      Rusted I-beams on the old bridge making it no longer safe prompted the new bridge. For the story and photo, go to:

[Our thanks to Jim Crouse for forwarding this story-Ed.]

Hardwick-Ware Covered Bridge Reopened
WGN 21-08-04/21-14-01

Hardwick, MA, October 16, 2010 - the Hardwick-Ware covered bridge, closed for more than eight years because it was unsafe reopened Thursday.
      The wooden structure crosses the Ware River at Bridge Street in the Gilbertville district of Hardwick and Old Gilbertville Road in Ware. It is one of only three wooden covered bridges that remain in the state.
      The state ordered the structure closed in August 2002 after an inspection concluded the bridge could not bear any more weight.
      The 137-foot bridge was built in 1886 to cross the Ware River in a single span using the Town Truss.
      For the story and photos go to:

[Our thanks to Bill Carroll and Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Gilbertville Covered Bridge Repoening Celebrated
WGN 21-08-04/21-14-01

Hardwick, MA, October 25, 2010 - State and local officials are celebrating the reopening of the Gilbertville Covered Bridge, also known as the Hardwick-Ware Covered Bridge, one of Massachusetts' last remaining covered bridges.
      For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

What is it About a Covered Wooden Bridge?
WGN 21-08-04/21-14-01

Hardwick, MA, October 16, 2010 - What is it about a covered wooden bridge that elicits such affection? We don't know, but are pleased to leisurely ponder all the possible reasons when our path takes us to one. Workmanship, ruggedness, utility and beauty have to be part of the draw, plus the passage into brief, barnlike darkness as the unseen river rushes. And then there's the trip to the past each crossing evokes.
      In the Gilbertville section of Hardwick, the 123-year-old covered bridge at Bridge Street is rumbling with business again after being deemed unsafe and closed for eight years. After a $2 million refurbishment, 80 percent paid with federal funds and the rest covered by the state, the stronger old structure is once again delivering drivers and admirers over the Ware River in humble style.
      For the story and Photos, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Stone Ridge Covered Bridge Arsonist on Trial
WGN 55-15-08

Stone Ridge, NB, October 7, 2010 - Finger pointing and lapsed memories characterized some of the testimony Wednesday in the trial of an Upper Keswick man accused of torching a historic covered bridge in Zealand.
      Benjamin Michael Griffiths, 20, of 39 Griffiths Rd. stood trial in Fredericton provincial court Wednesday on an arson charge, specifically that he set fire to the Stone Ridge Covered Bridge on Oct. 10, 2008, and destroyed it.
      Two others - both male youths from the Zealand area - were charged with arson as well in connection with the bridge fire. One pleaded guilty earlier this year and was sentenced last month to a year of probation. The other is scheduled to stand trial today.
      They can't be identified as per the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Another youth who was with the other three on the night of the fire but was never charged was the Crown's star witness.
      For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

New England Style Covered Bridge Installed at The Governor's Academy

Newburyport MA, September 30, 2010 - A 46,000-pound covered bridge was hoisted by crane into position about 15 feet above Elm Street. Designed by Newburyport architect William March, the bridge is the latest addition to the campus of The Governor's Academy. It fits atop the elevated walkway that connects the main campus with the Eames and Ingham dormitories and faculty housing on the south side of Elm Street.
      For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Hunsecker Mill covered bridge damaged in crash
WGN 38-36-06#2

Bird-in-Hand, PA, September 17, 2010 - On thursday, a west-bound vehicle entered the bridge and struck the left truss of the bridge damaging verticle members and the arch.
      The bridge will be closed indefinitely says State Department of Transportation spokesperson.
      The current Hunsecker Bridge was built in 1974 to replace the original span destroyed by Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. The new 181-foot bridge uses a burr arch to cross the Conestoga River in a single span. The bridge it replaced was built in 1848.
      For the story, go to:, and Read more:

[Our thanks to Dan Brock for forwarding this article - Ed.]

History retold as Pepperell celebrates hard-won covered bridge
WGN 21-09-01#3

Pepperell, MA, September 10, 2010 - The "new" Pepperell covered bridge celebration last Saturday was attended by a large crowd of townsfolk enjoying patriotic music, speeches, living history and a parade of antique autos and tractors on a beautiful morning.
      The event was punctuated with ceremonial volleys of musket gunfire by costumed soldiers of the 6th Middlesex Regiment and the re-enactment of the 1775 capture of a Tory officer of the British Army at the original bridge by the women's militia, led by the heroic Wright.
      For the story of the new bridge and a history of the town and its crossing, goto:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Helmick Covered Bridge History Celebrated
WGN 36-16-02#2

BLISSFIELD, OH, September 13, 2010 - Nostalgia is the order of the day at a picnic on the covered bridge on County Road 343 near Blissfield. The annual event has been taking place there the second Sunday in September since the bridge was restored in 1996.
      For the story and photos of the bridge and the people who treasure it, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Moscow celebrates re-opening of historic bridge after 2008 tornado
WGN 14-70-07#2

Moscow, IN, September 27, 2010 - Proud residents of the tiny Rush County town of Moscow were joined by around 500 supporters on Saturday morning as the town celebrated the reconstruction of its 123-year-old covered bridge. The dedication of the bridge was distinguished by a short address from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who rode his motorcycle across the bridge before taking his place on the stage.
      For the story, photos, and videos of the bridge and the celebration, go to the following addresses:

[Our thanks to James Crouse for forwarding these stories - Ed.]

Waitsfield Covered Bridge Selectboard Hearing
Keep the covered bridge sidewalk, citizens urge

WGN 45-12-14

Waitsfield, VT, September 23, 2010 - There was no enthusiasm from the public for removing the pedestrian sidewalk on the north side of the Waitsfield covered bridge at a public hearing to discuss the fate of the bridge this week.
      The Waitsfield Select Board held a hearing to discuss repairs to the bridge, its current condition and how to best use a $270,000 state grant to update/improve the bridge. The state grant is a matching grant towards which the town contributed 20 percent, or $54,000.
      Among other changes to the bridge, the most pressing is the covered bridge sidewalk. cantilevered to the north side of the span in 1940, it has been causing the bridge to twist.
      For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Irene Barna for forwarding this story - Ed.]

A New Covered Bridge Book
New Brunswick's Covered Bridges
Published July 10th, 2010

"Delightful photographs tell a story of a bygone era" - reviewer Anne-Marie Hood.
The book, is by Brian Atkinson, published by Nimbus Publishing LTD.
      "Brian Atkinson's reputation as a renowned photographer enabled him to travel worldwide to take photographs for Canadian Geographic, Equinox and CARE International.
      He's also an accomplished author and has published four other photography books.
      For more about the book, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Grants to Improve Lane County Covered Bridges

Lane County, OR, July 7, 2010 - Two of Lane County's 17 historic covered bridges will soon receive needed improvements thanks to federal grant funds.
      Mosby Creek Bridge, WGN 37-20-27, will be repaired using a grant of $897,300. Also to be repaired is the Deadwood Bridge, WGN 37-28-38 with a grant of $181,270
      For more about the Lane County program, see:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Bulgaria's Only Covered Bridge - Revisited!

July 20, 2010 - Hi, For those of you following for a while, you may have have seen my pictures of Bulgaria's only covered bridge. See "A Carefree Weekend in Lovech, Bulgaria: Revival and Baroque Architecture in the Balkan Mountains" for an update:

Tom Keating

[For Tom's Lovech Bridge contibutions to the Vermont Bridges website, see:, and -Ed.]

Union County, Pennsylvania Covered Bridges Under Repair

Union County, PA, July 29, 2010 - Three of Union County's Covered bridges are under repair: the Millmont or Red - WGN 38-60-01, the Iddings Bridge, and the Laurel Park Bridge. [The descriptions in the article of these last two bridges are so obscure, I am unwilling to guess what the WGN numbers might be -Ed.]
      For the story and photos of the repairs, progress and problems with this project, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Historic West Dummerston covered bridge gets LED lights
WGN 35-13-02

West Dummerston, VT, July 01, 2010 - Vermont's West Dummerston Covered Bridge, built in 1872, got a 21st century makeover this past weekend with the addition of 10 LED (light emitting diode) fixtures, which will replace the old and inefficient lights.
      For the story and pictures, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for passing on this story - Ed.]

Cincinnati Man Charged With Destruction of Stonelick Williams CB
WGN 35-13-02

Clermont County, OH, June 18, 2010 - The Clermont County Sheriff's Office has now charged 52-year-old Sean Jackson of Cincinnati with operating a motor vehicle in excess of the restricted weight limit; he allegedly drove a Recycling truck, weighing more than 23,250 pounds, across the covered bridge with a 6,000 pound posted weight limit.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating and David Guay for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Medora CB Road Rally, June 26/27
WGN 14-36-04

Jackson County IN, June 14, 2010 - We are having a road rally to raise funds for a security camera system for the bridge as part of the Medora Covered Bridge Festival June 26 and 27. Information and links are on the website: need participants - Morris Tippin []

Stonelick Covered Bridge Closed Until 2012
WGN 35-13-02

Clermont County, OH, June 10, 2010 - Said Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger,. "It now appears that damage to the historic Stonelick Williams Corner Covered Bridge is so severe, that it cannot easily be repaired. The bridge will not be reopened to traffic until middle or late 2012.
      Residents living near the bridge reported floor damage to the bridge caused by a large truck. The bridge was closed immediately.
      The 140-foot Perintown or Stonelick bridge was built in 1878 to cross Stonelick Creek using a Howe Truss.
      For the story and photo, go to
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating and David Guay for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Cabin Creek bridge restoration to resume
WGN 17-68-03

Lewis County, KY, June 5 2010 - Restoration efforts will continue on the Cabin Creek Covered Bridge in Lewis County, it's just not certain when those efforts will resume, according to officials.
      "The funding is in place, we're just waiting for allocation of the funds so we can advertise for bids," said Steve Donovan, chairman of the Covered Bridge Authority
      The 114-foot Cabin Creek Bridge, also known as the C.F. Ferguson Farm, or Mackey or Hughes Farm Bridge was built in 1873 to cross Cabin Creek in one span using a multiple kingpost truss.
      For the story and photo, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

Tractor Trailer Magnet Mt. Orne Bridge Struck Again
WGN 29-04-08/45-05-03

Lancaster. NH, May 27, 2010 - The Mount Orne covered bridge crossing the Connecticut River at Lunenburg, Vermont and Lancaster New Hampshire, was closed this morning after being damaged by a tractor-trailer truck.
      The perp was spotted and reported to police by a Lunenburg resident who saw him picking pieces of wood from his truck.
      For the story, go to
      Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article. This is far from the first time the Mount Orne Bridge has eaten a tractor trailer. For those stories and photos, go to\lanc eats truck.htm - Ed.

Local authors celebrate Bartram covered bridge
WGN 38-15-17/38-23-02

Newtown/Willistown, PA, May 19, 2010 - Local authors George Conn, Christopher Driscoll, Eric D. Gerst and Douglas Humes have teamed up to write a book entitled Bartram Covered Bridge: Spanning History, on the occasion of the bridge's 150th anniversary in 2010. The book is a 500 copy limited edition. The first 100 will be signed by the authors. Books will be available for sale and distribution to the general public starting on June 5, to coincide with Newtown Square Colonial Heritage Day , an annual event showcasing the history of the area. A celebration in honor of the bridge will begin at 10 a.m. on June 5 at the bridge, and all are welcome to attend.
      All proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward the maintenance and future preservation of Bartram Covered Bridge.
      Bartram's, Sagar's, Gristmill, Garreett's, or Goshen Bridge connects Chester and Delaware counties, hence the two World Guide numbers, across crum Creek. The 81-foot Burr Arch span was built in 1860. Today it stands on a bypassed section of Goshen Road, its portals closed with iron gates preventing access to its interior.
      For the story and photos, go to:
      [We thank Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Brooklyn Connecticut Celebrates New CB

Brooklyn, CT, May 15, 2010 - The townspeople of Brooklyn Connecticut celebrated their new covered bridge with music and a ribbon cutting.
      The new Fitzgerald covered bridge is 44-feet long and 22-feet wide with a new oak structure built on top of a one-lane stringer bridge built in 1986 and replaced by the town in 2009.
      The new span joins five existing covered bridges in the state, the oldest is the 109-foot Bull's Bridge in Kent, built in 1842, the newest, the 60-foot Johnsonville Bridge in Moodus, built in 1976.
      For the story of Brooklyn's new bridge, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this story - Ed.]

A New Roof for the Medora Covered Bridge
WGN 14-36-08

Brownstown, Ind, May 8, 2010 - The Medora Covered Bridge in Jackson County is scheduled to get a new roof and new approaches to make the bridge more accessible to foot and bicycle traffic.
      The renovation, estimated to be $1M, is being paid for in part by federal stimulus money.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this story - Ed.]

Cedarburg Covered Bridge Measured by Laser
WGN 49-46-01

Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, April 15, 2010 - A 134-year-old covered bridge was given laser treatment Thursday. Two scanning lasers were used to measure each piece of the historic bridge, inside and out, and the distances between planks and trusses and ceiling beams and floorboards.
       William Krueger, vice president of SightLine, uses a 3-D laser scanner to document how the covered bridge was constructed. The scanners were moved several times along the length of the bridge to ensure all sides of boards were measured by the lasers.
      Continuous scanning - recording 120,000 measurements per second - created 3-D images of the structure. The scanners were moved several times along the length of the bridge to ensure all sides of boards were measured by the lasers. The information will provide a detailed, as-built description to benefit workers in the future.
      The 120-foot span was built in 1876 to cross Cedar Creek using a Town Truss.
      For the story and photos, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this story - Ed.]

Another option to save Dover's foot bridge

Dover, NH, April 14, 2010 - "It would be a crying shame to see the pedestrian foot bridge that crosses the Cocheco River from Washington Street destroyed for lack of the money to move it," Says the Foster's.Com editorial. "That said, Dover taxpayers just don't have the greenbacks to do the job."
      Moving the bridge could cost as much as one-quarter of a million dollars. "After looking at the cost and possible locations, three options appear to be on the table - sell the bridge, give it away or destroy it."
      "One more option should be discussed," resumes the editorial, "that of giving a community-based fundraising effort time to materialize."
      For the story and photo, go to:

      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this article - Ed.]

Shaffer's Bridge Closed For Repairs
WGN 38-56-11

Conemaugh Township, PA, April 5, 2010 - The Shaffer Covered Bridge in Somerset County is closed to traffic so that repairs can be made.
      For the story and video, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this article - Ed.]

The bridges of Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Bedford, PA, March 28, 2010 - "Costly preservation efforts on symbols of simpler times help to drive tourism." Preserving the 14 covered bridges in Bedford County is a difficult task essential to the continued tourism of the area as well as a modern-day reprieve into slower and simpler times.
      "Preservation isn't easy," said Joyce Soroka, president of the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, a nonprofit organization that works to maintain the bridges across the state. "There is limited funding for covered bridges," Soroka said, "and high price tags to repair them."       For the story and photos, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Pine Grove Forge Covered Bridge Damaged

Little Britain Township, PA, March 10, 2010 - The historic covered bridge connecting Chester and Lancaster counties over Octoraro Creek was struck by an alleged hit and run driver of a boxtruck, Edwin R. Figueroa, 44, of New Tripoli. He has been charged.
      The box truck struck and cracked the tie beam on the south side of the bridge, and continuing through the bridge, broke more beams.
      The bridge is open to traffic and damage was minimal, said a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation. The 1884 bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of a Thematic Resource nomination of Covered Bridges of Lancaster County. The state spent $3.7 million for a major rehabilitation of the bridge in 2008.
      Also known as the Little Britain Bridge, the 200-foot span on two piers was built in 1884 using the Burr Arch truss.
      [From the Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster New Era. Our thanks to Jim Smedly for sending the article - Ed.]

The Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge Failing
WGN 37-20-40

Cottage Grove, OR, February 17, 2010 - The Chambers Railroad Bridge, the only covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi is failing.
      The bridge has been out of use since the railroad that used it was sold for scrap in the 1950s.
      Ready to collapse, the Cottage Grove City Council has passed a resolution declaring an emergency, giving state and federal agencies required to sign off on the rebuilding of the 94-year-old bridge impetus to push past the typical bureaucratic process. And it allows the city to award a contract, shortcutting the normal route of putting such a job out for bid. The city's date to start tearing the bridge apart is February 22.
      For the story and photo, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Elder's Mill cb in Georgia historical info and possibility of a park.
WGN 10-108-01

February 17, 2010 - Antebellum mansions, urban landmark buildings and in-town neighborhoods have been protected by local historic preservation ordinances over the past quarter-century. But no such coverage has been extended to historic sites in rural locations. One such prime candidate for preservation lies less than 20 miles from Athens, just outside Watkinsville in rural Oconee County.
      "The Elder Mill and nearby covered bridge are one of only two such sites in Georgia," says Russ Page, an Oconee businessman and farmland preservation activist. "Only six covered bridges in the state are still open to local traffic."
      The combination of mill and covered bridge is "very unusual and very significant," agrees Amy Kissane, executive director of the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, the local preservation group. "We need to be good stewards of such historic properties."
      Although the Oconee sites are on the National Register of Historic Places, a federal listing of cultural resources worth preserving, and has a Scenic Preservation Designation, an overlay district of the county, neither listing offers any real, long-term protection.
      Elder Mill and Covered Bridge is an ideal site to create a public park, a handful of Oconee citizens who have formed the Elder Mill Conservation Society believe.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Greenville County upgrades historic bridges to draw visitors

Greenville County, SC, February 16, 2010 - Visitors to the newly created park at Campbell's Covered Bridge that will open this spring might enjoy the romantic story as to its purpose - to provide privacy for courting couples to pull their horse and buggy inside for a kiss.
      Picnic areas, trails, markers, a parking lot and cabin and grist mill foundations are part of a $445,000 project to open what historians call the only remaining covered bridge in the state to the public, according to Gene Smith, executive director of the Greenville County Recreation District.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Moscow Covered Bridge Project Draws Special Attention
WGN 14-70-07

Moscow, IN, February 6, 2010 - It's a good thing the tornado that mangled the covered bridge at Moscow didn't arrive until June 2008. Had the twister struck a generation earlier, residents might have cleared the debris from the Flatrock River, slapped up a concrete span in its place, and congratulated one another on the progress.
      Instead, thanks to growing appreciation of the state's history, the destruction was mourned as a loss, prompting a restoration unusual for its sweeping involvement of parties ranging from the governor to a trade union.
      Now the timbers for a rebuilt bridge are stacked at the site, ready to be assembled into lengthy trusses.
      For the story, and a photo gallery, go to:
      [Our thanks to James Crouse for forwarding this story - Ed.]

90-year-old Sunny Valley Bridge Closes For Inspection
WGN 37-17-01

Sunny Valley,OR, February 4, 2010 - A historic covered bridge is open again after engineers spent Thursday doing an investigative inspection.
      Cracks were found in a bottom cord of the Grave Creek Covered Bridge in Sunny Valley.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Moscow Bridge Replacement Progress
WGN 14-70-07

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Fri, January 29, 2010 10:30:42 AM
Subject: Moscow Bridge

A quick update on the bridge. Dan Collom is supposed to come to Moscow with his crew and begin working on Monday, February 8th.
      We are still raising funds as we forseen needing another $50,000 to complete the project. Certain items needs (bolts, timber, paint, etc. that may not get all donation) plus possible equipment rental.
      We have collected $134,911.73 to date plus are using $200,000 of the $355,486 grant from Lilly/United Way (Fund). We can't get the remainning $155,486 until the project is completed. Total cash committed is $490,397.73.
      Our next Restoration meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 10th in Moscow.
      Also, check out Moscow has been added to the list and the photo of the bridge in the water after the tornado will soon be added per the contact person.
      Also watch of news release from Indiana Business Journal very soon. They have been in touch with Wayne Goodman, myself and others for a detail story - Larry
      [Thanks James Crouse - Ed.]

Ice Damages Bath Covered Bridge
WGN 29-05-03

Bath, N.H., January 26, 2010 - High water resulting from heavy rains and snow melt moved floating ice into the city and threatened the destruction of the Bath Covered Bridge.
      The bridge was closed due to ice damage to its substructure, causing a problem for emergency services to the now divided town.
      The 375-foot Bath Bridge was built in 1832 to cross the Ammonoosuc River in four spans using a modified Burr Truss.
      For the story, go to:
      See also:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating and Tom Walczak for alerting us to these articles - Ed.]

Name the Restored CB at Pepperell
WGN 21-09-01#2

Pepperell, MA, January 15, 2010 - What should the replacement for the Chester A. Waterous covered bridge be named?
      The Pepperell selectmen, wanting to involve residents in the naming process, voted to conduct a naming survey.
      Construction of the replacement bridge is expected to be complete for a dedication this coming May 15.
      The "old" bridge, World Guide Number 29-09-01 #2, was named the Chester H. Waterous. The 108 foot span over the Nashua River was built in 1963 using a variation of the Pratt Truss. This span replaced an earlier one. The Waterouse was taken down in September, 2008, leaving the abutments awaiting the replacement under construction in upstate New York.
      Named the Chester H. Waterous, the 108 foot span was built to cross the Nashua River in 1963 using a variation of the Pratt Truss. This span replaced an earlier one.
      For photo and story, go to:
      For more about the bridge, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for alerting us to this article - Ed.]

Consrtruction To Start On Nation's Shortest Covered Bridge

Geneva, OH, January 14, 2010 - With donated timber delivered to the Ashtabula County Joint Vocational School, construction can begin, by the school's students.
      The idea for the shortest covered bridge came when city officials found the West Liberty Street bridge deteriorating, council members voted to obtain a grant to build a covered bridge.
      The project is financed by a $400,000 Ohio Public Works Commission grant.
      Guided by John Smolen of Smolen Engineering and the school's instructors, ACJVS carpentry students will build the bridge free of charge.
      For the story, go to: [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

White's Bridge damaged, closed
WGN 22-34-01

Keene Township, MI, January 11, 2010 - White's Bridge, Michigans's Oldest covered bridge still carrying traffic, was damaged by a hit and run driver. The bridge is now closed until further notice.
      Police have identified the driver.
      The 116-foot White's Bridge was built in 1869 to cross the Flat River in a single span using the Brown Truss.
      For the story and photo, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

Arrest Made in Adair/North Becaguimec Bridge Arson
WGN 55-02-01

Cloverdale, N.B., January 7, 2010 - Arrested January 6 by the RCMP, A 19-year-old man is facing arson charges in connection with the covered bridge fire in Cloverdale, N.B., near Hartland, last October 14. He is scheduled to appear in Woodstock provincial court on March 9.
      The lost covered bridge has been replaced by a steel bailey bridge.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Vaughn Creek #1 Bridge Damaged
WGN 55-11-05

SAINT JOHN, N.B., January 5, 2010 - With the Vaughan Creek covered bridge in St. Martins closed for repairs, some residents are being detoured over pothole-riddled dirt roads to get to their homes.
      Built in 1935, the bridge is also known as Irish River Bridge No. 1 and sits directly across from Irish River Bridge No. 2, also known as Hardscrabble. Both bridges were damaged in a storm last summer, with weight restrictions imposed on Irish River Bridge No. 2 as a result of the damage.
      Prior to the storm, the bridges could comfortably carry fully loaded oil trucks, sand trucks and snowplows. Since then, usage have been restricted to 10 tons since the storm uprooted trees and catapulted them over falls on the Irish River, wrecking some of the bridge's underpinnings
      The Vaughan Creek Bridge closed the first of December for a month to repair the bridge's substructure but due to bad weather, the reopening date has been pushed back to Jan. 15
      The department has allocated $75,000 from the department's bridge budget to help upgrade the 74-year-old span. A Transportation Department spokesman said that timetables will be available later in the week when he receives specific answers from staff
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

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