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Covered Bridge Community News Notes - 2009

Powerscourt Bridge Restored
WGN 61-27-01

Elgin, Quebec, December 18, 2009 - Powerscourt Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Canada, has been restored to it's original plans and reopened to traffic Friday, December 4.
      The bridge was classified as an historic site by both the federal and provincial governments, in the 1980's.
      The 180-foot bridge was built in 1861 to cross the Chateauguay River in two spans using the McCallum Truss.
      For the story and a gallery of photos, go to: Powerscourt+covered+bridge+community+hard+work+saved+Huntingdon+wishing+bridge /2359562/Gallery+Powerscourt+Bridge/2359851/story.html?tab=PHOT
      [Our thanks to Gerald Arbour for sending us this article - Ed.]

Medora CB To Be Restored With Stimulus Funds
WGN 14-36-04

Medora, IN, December 28, 2009 - $1.9 million in Stimulus funds will pay for the restoration of the Medora Covered Bridge, bids for the work to be let January 27.
      The 434-foot Medora, or Dark Bridge was built in 1875 to cross Sand Creek in three spans using the Burr truss. The bridge was bypassed by a concrete bridge in 1972.
      For the story, go to:

      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Connecticut's Comstock Covered Bridge Slated for Rehab
WGN 07-04-01

East Hampton, CT, December 28, 2009 - Sometime in January, the old Comstock bridge will be dismantled and rehabilitated in a neighboring parking lot.
      The work will cost a little over $1 million and is to be completed in June 2011. Putnam-based Barr Inc., was awarded the contract.
      Eighty percent of the project will be paid for with federal money from the National Historic Covered Bridge Fund, with the state providing 20 percent.
      The 94-foot bridge was built in 1873 to cross the Salmon River in one span using the Howe truss. It was bypassed in 1934 by a concrete bridge and ultimately served only pedestrian traffic.
      For the story, go to:,0,1023436.story
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Keller-Rettew's Mill Bridge to be Restored
WGN 38-36-13

Ephrata Township, PA, December 16, 2009 - Ephrata's Rettew's Mill Bridge, bypassed, taken down, and stored in 2006, will be placed over Cocalico Creek to serve Middle Creek Road.
      Also known as the Guy Bard Bridge, it was built in 1891 to cross Cocalico Creek serving Rettew's Mill Road.
      Funds for the project, $723,218 will be provided to the county by the state. The contractor is Lycoming Supply Inc., of Williamsport.
      Some of the original timbers will be reused, along with new lumber.The plans for the bridge were approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
      For the story and photo, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Powerscourt Covered Bridge Saved by a Caring Community
WGN 61-27-01

Huntingdon County, Quebec, December 18, 2009 - Because of the hard work begun 26 years ago by James Gavin, former mayor of Elgin, the "Wishing Bridge" is open to traffic.
      In 1983 when an official with Transports Québec announced the Powerscourt Bridge would replaced with a cement structure, Gavin took up the fight to save the historic bridge, rallying the people and political leaders of the surrounding towns. After two years of endless letter writing, research and lobbying to save the bridge, the federal then the provincial governments declared Powerscourt Bridge a heritage site
      Now, 26 years later, the bridge is finally restored, except for a few finishing touches to be completed this spring. The work on the $1-million project had to wait till this June for provincial funding to come through
      Powerscourt Bridge was built in 1861 by local blacksmith Robert Graham for $1,675. The 180-foot bridge crosses the Chateaugay River in two spans, using the McCallum truss.
      For the story and photo, go to: Powerscourt+covered+bridge+community+hard+work+saved+Huntingdon+wishing+bridge/2359562/story.html
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Moscow Bridge Rebuilders Receive White Pine Logs
WGN 14-70-07

Rosedale, IN, December 4, 2009 - Logs cut from twenty-six white pine trees were received in Rosedale from the Selmier State Forest in Rush County, Indiana, for rebuilding the Moscow Covered Bridge lost to a tornado on June 3, 2008.
      For the story, go to:

[Our thanks toJim Crouse for sending us this article - Ed.]

West Dummerston CB to Close
WGN 45-13-02

Dummerston, Vt., November 20, 2009 -- The West Dummerston Covered Bridge will close on November 30 until December 14 to repair the surface of the bridge deck.
      Renaud Bros., Inc., will do the work. About 1,500 vehicles use the bridge daily every day. The green iron bridge near Stickney Brook Road just off Route 30 is the only other bridge to cross West River in the town.
      The 280-foot, two-span West Dummerston Bridge was built in 1872 using Ithiel Town's lattice truss.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks Johnny and Joanne Esau - Ed.]

New CB at Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, OH, November 13, 2009 - A new covered bridge was dedicated in this place today and named in honor of early settler Jonas Stutzman-Stutzman's Crossing at Walnut Creek.
      The Walnut Creek bridge measures 55 feet long, 26 feet wide and 15 feet high, built mostly of local materials. The bridge was built by V.O. Menuez & Sons at a cost of $800,000, paid by state and federal funds.
      For the story, go to:
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding to us this story - Ed.]

Rosehill/Wenger Bridge Reopened

Warwick/West Earl Townships, Lancaster County, PA, November 12, 2009 - The newly rehabilitated Rosehill/Wenger Covered Bridge was reopened today with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
      The 95-foot bridge serving Log Cabin Road, was built in 1849 to span Cocalico Creek using a Burr Truss.
      For the story and video, go to:,0,5364897.story
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Newton Falls CB Down-rated
WGN 35-78-01

Newton Falls, OH, November 6, 2009 - Trumbull County officials have lowered the load limit of the Newton Falls Covered Bridge from 12 tons to 3 tons in an effort to keep trucks off the bridge damaged in july by and oversized donut delivery truck.
      For the story, go to:,0,4995953.story
      [Thanks Tom Keating - Ed.]

Concord/Ruff Mill CB Proves to be Tight Fit
WGN 10-33-02

Cobb County, GA, November 6, 2009 - A truck and U-Haul became stuck in the Concord Covered Bridge near Smyrna, Georgia. Two of the three truck occupants were seriously injured.
      For the story and video of the incident go to:
      [Thanks Tom Keating - Ed.]

Newton Falls CB damaged by Doughnut Truck
[WGN 35-78-01]

Newton Falls, OH, October 22, 2009 - A young doughnut delivery-truck driver drove the 117-foot length of the Town truss Newton Falls covered bridge taking out tie-beams and damaging trusses as he went, causing $57,000 in damage to the bridge and tearing off the top of the truck.
      The driver was charged with failure to stop and failure to control.
      The job will be put out for competitive bidding in about two weeks and repairs will begin in late November or early December, and take about six weeks.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keaton for finding this article - Ed.]

County Wants Input on Stonelick CB
[WGN 35-13-02]

Clermont County, OH, October 20, 2009 - Clermont Count, wanting input on plans to rehabilitate the Stonelick Covered Bridge in Batavia, held an open house meeting on the project Wednesday night at the Clermont County Engineer's Office on Clermont Center Drive.
      The bridge, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is still open to traffic. The 140-foot bridge was built in 1878 to cross Stonelick Creek in a single span using the Howe truss.
      For the story and follow-up, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keaton for finding this article - Ed.]

New Brunswick's Adair Bridge Burned
WGN 55-02-01

Cloverdale, N.B., October 15, 2009 - The Adair bridge was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning. Fire fighters arrived at the scene 1:05 a.m.
      The cause of the fire is under investigation. There is evidence of arson.
      The recently renovated 68-foot Adair/North Becagumec Bridge was built in 1948 using a Howe Truss to cross the Becagumec River to serve Furlong Road, Cloverdale.
      For the story, go to:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

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Arson behind Adair covered bridge blaze

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      [Our thanks to Brian McKee for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Brooklyn, CT To Get CB

Brooklyn, CT, October 10, 2009 - Sigfridson Wood Products of Brooklyn has submitted the winning bid of $59,000 to the Town of Brooklyn for the repair of the Fitzgerald Road Bridge.
    The state Department of Transportation closed the bridge June 18 because of its deteriorating condition. Built in 1986, the bridge is 27 feet long and 15.6 feet wide. It crosses Blackwell Brook.
    Sigfridson Wood Products approached the town after the bridge was closed with the idea for a covered bridge. The deteriorated bridge floor will be replaced with a laminated wood deck and will add the covered portion at its own expense. The covered portion will be 13-feet, 6-inches high, tall enough for emergency vehicles.
    Work is expected to be complete by late November or early December. For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for sending us this story - Ed.]

Gareau Bridge Not Gone - Yet
WGN 61-46-01

Gareau Bridge. Photo by Pascal Connor
October 5, 2009
Gareau Bridge.
Photo by Pascal Connor October 5, 2009

Hi, In the summer of 2007, the Gareau Bridge (61-46-01) was reported gone. Many pictures were taken showing crane and workers dismantling the bridge.
    A span has been removed and placed on land. The roof, most of the siding and the floor have been removed from the other spans but was still on piles at the time pictures were taken. This is a remote area and I never got news about that bridge for the past 2 years. Last week, Pascal Conner, a friend drove there to see the site without the bridge. He was very surprised to see the same thing seen in 2007. Half of the bridge is still standing over the river and the other span is still in the wood. A very interesting thing to see even if the bridge is no longer covered and close to being scraped.
    To see more pictures of the Gareau bridge use the address given below. Choose blogue sur les ponts couverts (top of the page and middle of the page). In French but the one using Google can have a "so so" translation. This site is operated by the one who found the "new" Gareau Bridge.

Gérald Arbour

Millmont-Glen Iron CB to be Renovated
WGN 38-60-01

Union County, PA, October 1, 2009 - Beginning this month, the Millmont-Glen Iron Covered Bridge will undergo renovation using $1.1 million in federal funding.
      The work will be done by contract winner Minichi Contracting Group of Dupont, Pa. Coukart & Associates did the design work. The project is to be completed by October 2010
      The 154-foot Millmont-Glen Iron Covered Bridge, also known as the Red Bridge, was built in 1855 using the Burr Truss, to cross Penns Creek in one span.
      [Our thanks to Jim Smedley for sharing this item with us - Ed.]

Second Gudgeonville Bridge Arsonist Sentenced

September 17. 2009 - Gudgeonville Bridge arsonist Joshua Bell, 22, of Albion, PA, to five and a half to 14 years in state prison, pay court costs and nearly $200,000 in restitution for destroying the Girard Township covered bridge, and other crimes.
    Bell's co-defendant in the arson, Jeffrey Gleason, 24, of Conneautville, who previously pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy to commit arson and other offenses, was sentenced to five to 10 years in state prison, with the sentence in the aggravated range for the arson.
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Emergency Repairs Needed For Shaffer/Bens Creek Bridge

Somerset County, PA, September 11, 2009 - An inspection of the Shaffer Covered Bridge revealed that a heavy snow would collapse the roof, likely destroying the bridge.
    The Somerset County Commissioners authorized the engineering firm The EADS Group of Somerset to prepare the scope of work for Shaffer Bridge in Conemaugh Township and to proceed with repairs on an emergency basis, before winter snows begin. Because time is critical, the normal bidding and advertising process is being bypassed, the Commissioners explain. The engineering firm will obtain quotes for the cost of repair from construction firms and the job will go to the lowest quote.
    The repairs, which are estimated to cost around $100,000, will be paid through state liquid fuels funds. The county checked into getting grant money, but none was available.
    The 67-foot Shaffer Bridge was built in 1877 to span Bens Creek using a Burr truss. With a weight limit of 3 Tons, about 50 vehicles use it daily. It is one of ten covered bridges surviving in the county.
    For the story and photo, go to:
    [Thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this story to us - Ed.

Colts Donate to Moscow Bridge Restoration Fund

From: Historic Landmarks Foundation []
Contact: John Rigsbee, 317-706-2507

Rushville, IN, August 31, 2009 - Officials with the Moscow Covered Bridge Reconstruction Committee announced today that the Indianapolis Colts have contributed $10,000 toward the rebuilding of the historic bridge in Rush County. To date, over $400,000 has been raised to fund the design and construction of the new bridge, which was destroyed by a tornado in June 2008. Colts owner Jim Irsay lauded local efforts to restore the bridge and thanked Governor Mitch Daniels for making the project a priority.
    "We are proud of the Governor's leadership in this regard, and are pleased to be a small part of what is clearly a monumental effort to restore this historic facility in Rush County. This is what the Hoosier community is all about," said Irsay.
    The State of Indiana, through the Department of Natural Resources, has donated time and materials including timbers for the new bridge. In addition to the outstanding assistance the Committee received from the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, many corporate sponsors have answered the call and, in difficult times, found resources available to help change lives in Moscow, Indiana. According to Wayne Goodman of Historic Landmarks Foundation, co-chairman of the Moscow Covered Bridge Reconstruction Committee, "This project would simply not be possible without important contributions like this from the Indianapolis Colts and generous grant support from the Lilly Endowmen
    Bridge reconstruction is currently underway, and is expected to conclude in time for next year's Moscow Covered Bridge Festival. Contributions can be made to: Moscow Covered Bridge Restoration Fund, c/o MainSource Bank, P.O. Box 249, Rushville, IN 46173.
    [Forwarded to us by James Crouse 9-1-2009 - Ed

Quebec's Powerscourt Covered Bridge Renovation
WGN 61-27-01

Huntington County, Quebec, August 21, 2009 - Work is in progress at the Powerscourt Bridge. The bridge has been dismantled and the arches are laying in a field 3 miles away from the bridge site. Rotten sections and broken pieces will be replaced. This is a $800,000 project. It is not decided yet if it will be a shingle or metal roof. The reopening is scheduled late October. - Gerald Arbour
[The 180-foot Powerscourt Bridge was built in 1861 using the McCallum truss to cross the Chateauguay River in two spans - Ed.]
Powerscourt Bridge. Photo by Gerald Arbour, 
August 21, 2009
Powerscourt Bridge. Photo by Gerald Arbour, August 21, 2009
Powerscourt Bridge. Photo by Gerald Arbour, 
August 21, 2009
Powerscourt Bridge. Photo by Gerald Arbour, August 21, 2009

Temporary Spans Debated for Pulp Mill Bridge repairs
WGN 45-01-04

Middlebury, VT, July 30, 2009 - Middlebury selectmen are changing their original plan for a temporary span to take traffic from the Pulp Mill Bridge when it closes for extensive repairs in 2011. They will instead lobby the state for intersection improvements to handle the extra traffic that will hit downtown during the project.
    The Selectmen had originally wanted a temporary span installed next to the Pulp Mill Bridge during a rebuild that is expected to last more than a year. The Pulp Mill Bridge links Middlebury to Weybridge across the Otter Creek at Seymour Street Extension.
    The increasing load on the bridge has resulted major deterioration that limits traffic to one vehicle per lane at a time within the 195-foot-long span. VTrans officials have estimated the repairs at $3.5 million, of which more than $1 million would pay for the temporary span to accommodate the roughly 2,000 cars that travel the route daily
    John Zicconi, of Vtrans, informed Middlebury officials that a temporary bridge would add time and cost to the project. It would delay work on the bridge itself until 2013, because the temporary bridge site will require an archaeological survey and right-of-way negotiations with neighbors.
    Zicconi argued to drop plans for the temporary bridge so as to get to the repairs to the Pulp Mill Bridge sooner, while improving the streets in Middlebury to handle detoured traffic.
    Middlebury selectmen are not happy with the prospect of adding the bridge's 2,000 per day traffic to Middlebury's 12,000 daily car trips that already flood the village.
    For the full story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Irene Barna for bringing us this article - Ed.

Bells Mills Bridge charred
WGN 38-65-01

Pittsburg, PA, July 7, 2009 - Bells Mills Bridge was damaged by a fire which began shortly before 1:30 p.m.     Volunteer fire companies from Yukon and Hutchinson put out the fire before it spread, however, a small section of the bridge's siding was charred.
    Fire fighters speculated that a discarded cigarette had started the fire, which began along the roadside. Dozens of cigarette butts were found.
    The 107-foot bridge was built in 1850 to cross Sewickley Creek in one span using a Burr truss. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, it was restored by the county in 1988.
    For the full story go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Walczak for bringing this story to our attention - Ed.

Charlemont Finds its CB Too Good To Let Go
WGN 21-06-04

Charlemont, MA, July 12, 2009 - The Bissell a covered bridge opened to car traffic this spring after 14 years, the only covered bridge in Massachusetts that allows car traffic. A dedication celebration is in planning for this fall.
    In 1992, town officials asked the state for a concrete and steel bridge. The plan was opposed by preservationists. Meanwhile, the community was served by a temporary one-way bridge.
    In the meantime, they lived with a temporary bridge and inconvenient stop lights on both sides that prevented more than one car from passing at a time. The $3 million cost for the restoration - paid for with state and federal dollars - continues to raise questions when transportation funds are tight.
    There was a lot of debate over the past twenty years over whether to replace the bridge with a modern concrete and steel structure, or to restore the landmark at a higher cost. The standoff was resolved in 2004 with a compromise design; with added supports and guardrails that are intended to keep the bridge safe without ruining the look.
    The original 92-foot Bissell Bridge was built circa 1840 to cross Mill Brook in one span using a variation of the Long truss. The bridge was replaced with a replica in 1951.
    For the full story, go to:
    [Our thanks to G. Robert Salvi for bringing this story to our attention - Ed.

Brooklyn Offered a Covered Bridge

Brooklyn, CT, July 17, 2009 - Sigfridson Wood Products, based on Fitzgerald Road, has submitted a proposal to the town to replace the deck on the failing Fitzerald Road bridge with a laminated wood deck. The state had closed the bridge June 18 because of its condition.
    Built in 1986, the bridge is 27 feet long and 15.6 feet wide. It crosses Blackwell Brook.
    If selected, the company would be paid with town funds for to replacing the deck, but the company would like to add a timber-framed covered portion at its own expense.
    Sigfridson said he never built a covered bridge before, but he has extensive experience constructing barns. He said he would like to place a cover over the bridge out of nostalgia and to bring a piece of New England heritage to Brooklyn. The Sigfridsons estimate they could replace the deck in four days and add the covered portion in another four, the frames being pre-assembled at the company's offices.
    The town estimates it will cost between $36,000 and $72,000 to replace the bridge deck. For the full story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Medora CB Claimed the Longest
WGN 14-36-04

Medora, IN, August 2, 2009 - The Medora Covered Bridge just east of Medora in southern Indiana's Jackson County still claims to be the longest covered bridge in the United States.
    This is according to an article by Earl Conn for Fort Wayne Indiana's FWDAILYNEWS.COM published August 2, 2009.
    The 434-foot Medora Bridge was built in 1875 to cross the East Fork of the White River in three spans using the Burr Truss; the roof, with a 12-foot overhang on each end, is 458 feet long.
    Contrary to Indiana's claim for the longest covered bridge, New Hampshire's Cornish-Windsor covered bridge, WGN 29-10-09, 460 feet long, was built in 1865 to cross the Connecticut River in two spans.
    Then, there is Ashtabula, Ohio's Smolen-Gulf covered bridge, WGN 35-04-64, built in 2008, 613 feet long in 4 spans using the Pratt truss.
    Conclusion: The Medora Bridge is the second longest historic covered bridge in the U.S., the Cornish-Windsor, the longest historic covered bridge. The Smolen-Gulf is the longest covered bridge in the U.S., hands down.
    For Mr. Conn's article about the Medora bridge and its builder, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

Oley Township CB Struck by Truck
WGN 38-06-01

Reading, PA, July 7, 2009 - The Pleasantville covered bridge will be closed until at least July 17 after a truck hit the clearance bar beam designed to keep oversized vehicles out of the bridge.
    The truck driver, whose vehicle was blocked when the beam fell onto it, was identified, police said. He will be cited for failing to obey the posted height restriction.
    Trucks have damaged the bridge twice before, since the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reopened it in 2004 after spending $2.2 million to rebuild the span in 1993.
    The 133-foot bridge was built in 1856 using the Burr truss to cross Manatawny Creek in a single span.
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Jim Smedley & Tom Keating for sending us the story - Ed.]

Owensville, Ohio Residents Concerned About CB Rehab
WGN 35-13-02

Owensville, Ohio, August 5, 2009 - The Clermont County Engineer's Office held an open house looking for public comment on plans to rehabilitate the Perintown/Stonelick covered bridge on Stonelick-Williams Corner Road. Fifty citizens filled the meeting room.
    The two chief concerns were the potential for increased truck traffic in a quiet neighborhood and preserving the historic integrity of the bridge.
    County Engineer Patrick Manger said the preferred plan would be a $1.1-million rehabilitation that would preserve the appearance of the bridge and add 50 years to its life. Grants from the federal National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program and from the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments would pay for the project.
    The work, which could begin in early 2011, would include the removal and replacement of the roof and siding, add additional structural support, deck replacement and a new lighting system with traffic signals. The project could take four to six months increasing the weight limit on the bridge from three tons to up to 40 tons.
    Community concerns include increased traffic and accidents, preservation of the rural neighborhood, preserving the historic nature of the bridge and harming its status on the National Register of Historic Places.
    A member of the community suggested the bridge be strengthened to handle 12 tons, but the limit kept at 3 tons. "I don't think the bridge has to be altered. Strengthen it without altering it."
    Manger said no final decision has been made and promised to take the opinions of the community into account. Those who attended the open house were given comment sheets to fill out and return to the engineer's office by Aug. 19. He said another public meeting would be scheduled, probably in September, to address the community concerns.
    The 140-foot Perintown/Stonelick Bridge was built in 1878 to cross Stonelick Creek in one span using the Howe truss.
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Historic Campbell Bridge Repaired
WGN 40-23-02

Greenville County, SC, July 4, 2009 - The 41-foot Campbell Covered Bridge was Built in 1909 using a Howe Truss to cross the Beaver Dam Creek near Gowensville, SC.
     The Greenville County Recreation District is repairing its roof and creating a park with a $94,000 project that's expected to be complete by mid-October. The site will have historical markers, a parking lot and picnic tables overlooking Beaverdam Creek.
     For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

Pleasantville covered bridge closed after truck hits bar
WGN 38-06-01

Pleasantville, PA, July, 2009 - The Pleasantville Covered Bridge will be closed for repairs after a truck crashed through the "Goal Post" barriers designed to keep oversized vehicles from entering the bridge.
     Trucks have damaged the bridge twice since it was reopened it in 2004 after $2.2 million was spent on the span repairing damage caused by a 1993 storm.
     The 133-foot Pleasantville Covered Bridge was built in 1856 using a Burr Truss to cross Little Manatawny Creek near Berks County's Pleasantville.
     For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Jim Smedley and Tom Keating for finding this article - Ed.]

Bells Mills Bridge Damaged by Fire
WGN 38-65-01

Westmoreland County, PA, July 7, 2009 - Westmoreland County's last original covered bridge was damaged in a fire Monday afternoon.
     The fire began shortly before 1:30 p.m., emergency officials said. Fire fighters from the Yukon and Hutchinson volunteer departments put out the fire before it spread, but a small section of the "bridge's wall" was charred. Fire fighters thought the fire may have been caused by a discarded cigarette.
     The 105-foot Bells Mills CB was built in 1850 (renovated in 1988) using the Burr Truss to cross Sewickley Creek near Sewickley, PA.
     For the story, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Walczak for finding this article - Ed.]

Man pleads guilty to burning Gudgeonville covered bridge
WGN 35-25-03

ERIE, PA, July 8, 2009 - Jeffrey Gleason of Conneautville faces up to 37 years in prison after pleading guilty to setting fire to the Gudgeonville Covered Bridge and unrelated charges. Joshua Michael Bell, of Albion, Gleason's co-defendant in the arson, is scheduled for trial in September.
     The 83-foot Gudgeonville Bridge was built circa 1868 using a Multiple King Post truss to cross Elk Creek near Girard, Pennsylvania.
     For the story go to:

Our thanks to Tom Keating for sharing this story - Ed.]

Celebration time in Moscow, Indiana!!
WGN 14-70-07

by Larry L Stout, Rush County Historian (not)

MOSCOW, Ind.,June 29, 2009 -- For those of you that didn't see the front page of Saturday's Indianapolis Star.
    After 1 year and 21 days, we have reached our $1.4 million goal to rebuild the Moscow bridge without any taxpayer dollars. Nearly $1 million of this is like-kind ... donated timber from the state forests, materials, labor, etc.
    Cashwise, we have raised over $102,000 before this year's festival plus the $355,486 grant.. And we are still serching money for overrides and other unforseen costs.
    And, as you can see, Democrats and Republicans can work together to get a job done, such as this case of Gov. Daniels and Jim Schellinger taking on the project TOGETHER.
    By the way, we sold more than $120 worth of t-shirts last year; we sold 500 of them, making a profit of $3,500. And I am not the county historian, and, no, it wasn't my birthday ... but the cake was good anyway.

For Saturday's Indianapolis Star story, go to:

[Our thanks to Jim Crouse and Tom Keating for forwarding this story - Ed.]

Academia/Pomeroy Covered Bridge Vandalized
[WGN PA-34-01]

ACADEMIA, PA, June 18, 2009 The Pomeroy-Academia Covered Bridge Renovation was completed in April and the Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held June 5. Now, After years of planning and hard work, the bridge is being attacked by vandals.
      Two acts of vandalism are being investigated by the Pennsylvania State. The first incident occurred sometime between June 10 and June 11 when article of clothing was set on fire and some timbers were charred. The second incident, graffiti, occurred on the 16th.
      The police have interviewed some juveniles but no charges were made
      Currently, the bridge is being watched by neighbors.

Williamsville bridge Construction On Hold?
WGN VT-13-05

Newfane, VT, May 14, 2009 - Because the contractor may not be able to obtain the necessary materials on time for the aggressive completion date of November, 2009, VTrans informed the Newfane Select Board.
      The request for contractors' bids are to be issued this week. Because of the potential delay, while the contract will require the completion date to be November, a clause will be added requiring winning contractor to maintain the bridge through the winter until the work is completed.
      An adjacent land owner will allow construction to on his property, so the old bridge can remain in use until the new bridge is ready.

Bissell Covered Bridge Reopens
WGN 21-06-04#2

Charlemont, MA, May 22, 2009 - After a $3 million, two year renovation, the Bissell Covered Bridge was reopened to motor vehicle traffic this week. The bridge serves Route 8A over Mill Brook.
    The Bissell had been supporting only foot traffic since it was bypassed in 1995 by a temporary structure. The 92-foot, two-lane bridge was built in 1951 using a variation of the Long truss to replace an earlier span built in 1840.
    The contractor, Palmer-based Northern Construction, dismantled and inspected structural timbers, constructed new abutments; replaced floor beams, deck surface and railings, and installed steel reinforcement rods and a dry sprinkler fire protection system. Built of Douglas fir, 80 to 90 percent of the original "fabric" was retained.
    The Bissell, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is one of five surviving covered bridges in Franklin County listed by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges publication, The World Guide to Covered Bridges. Two of them, the Burkeville and Smith bridges, were recently restored.
    For more of the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Caroline Brown for bring this article to our attention - Ed.]

Pomeroy-Academia CB Renovation Completed
[WGN 38-34-01]

ACADEMIA, PA, May 25, 2009 - The Pomeroy-Academia Covered Bridge Renovation was completed in April; the Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be held 10 a.m., June 5 at the bridge between Beale and Spruce Hill townships. For more information: Visit the Juniata County Historical Society's Web site at:
    The Pomeroy-Academia Bridge was closed in 2001 when an inspection discovered rotted beams and termite and powder post beetle damage. Now, after eight years of planning, fund raising, and reconstruction, the bridge will be opened to pedestrian traffic.
    The 278-foot Burr Truss bridge was completed in 1903 to cross Tuscarora Creek in 2 spans.
    The bridge was part of the Pennsylvania Highway system until 1962 when the state replaced it with a new span. Slated for demolition, the Juniata County Historical Society took over the bridge.
    For the complete story, go to:
    [Thanks to Tom Walczak for bringing this article to our attention - Ed.]

Historic Iron Bridge to Be Repaired

Dummerston,Vt., March 25,2009 - It's a case of needing to fix one bridge in order to repair another.
      There are only two crossings of the West River in town—the old green iron bridge, which has been closed to traffic for ten years, and the West Dummerston Covered Bridge [WGN 45-13-02].
      Funding for repairs to the Iron Bridge is expected in 2010. Meanwhile, the wooden roadway in the covered bridge requires repairs due to rutting.
      The Iron Bridge, built in the 1850s [see note] served Vt. Route 30 until it was closed. The 280-foot, two-span covered wooden bridge was built in 1872 using Ithiel Town's truss. Also serving Route 30, it has been handling all of the cross-river traffic.
      For the story, go to:

[note - Dummerston's bridge #37, crossing West River to connect Rt 30 to Rice Farm Road, was built in 1892. Ref. Crossings A History of Vermont Bridges by Robert McCullough, VAOT, 2005]

Cabin Creek Bridge Receives Steel Support
WGN Ky-68-03

Lewis County, KY, March 22, 2009 - Phase I of a steel reinforcement system meant to stabilize the Cabin Creek Covered Bridge is being slid into place by the Arnold Graton's Covered Bridge restoration team. The work is expected to be completed Tuesday, March 31.
      This temporary stabilization is paid for through $500,000 in National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program funding allocated to the project more than a year ago. Officials estimate a total of $1 million to $1.5 million would be needed for a complete restoration.
      For the story go to:
      For more about the project see "Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Stabilization Going Forward" article on this page below.

Creamery Bridge Bypass to go forward
WGN VT-13-01

Brattleboro, Vt., March 23, 2009 - -- Town Representatives voted 129 to 7 to authorize a $230,000 bond to provide the Town's 10 percent share of the cost to build a new concrete and steel bridge across the Whetstone Brook, bypassing the Creamery Covered Bridge.
      The new bridge will have sidewalks to accommodate foot traffic to and from Living Memorial Park, but there are concerns about vehicular traffic flow at the new intersection and on Guilford Street.
      The Creamery Bridge will be closed when construction starts in July to make room for construction equipment. When it reopens, it will be pedestrian access only. The new bridge is expected to be ready in the spring of 2010.
      For the story, go to: and:

Free! One Covered Bridge. Take It Away!
[WGN VT-13-05]

Williamsville, Vt., March 15, 2009 - Much to the surprise of Williamsville residents an ad for their historic Williamsville Covered Bridge was up for grabs in The Burlington Free Press Classified section.
      The decision was made that replacing the historic Williamsville Covered Bridge with a replica rather than repairing it would be the most cost effective option to crossing the river there. The first problem to solve is removing the old bridge. It will need to be demolished or moved from the site
      By law, the federal highway administration has to offer the bridge to the public, hence, the ad in the Burlington Free Press. If there are no takers, the bridge will be demolished.
      For the story go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating, Johnny Esau, and Brian Fitzgerald for alerting us to this story - Ed]

Cabin Creek Covered Bridge Stabilization Going Forward

TOLLESBORO, KY, February 19, 2009 - Phase I of a steel reinforcement system intended to stabilize a local landmark could be in place within a few weeks. When the stabilization is in place, additional work will be delayed until total funding can be secured to complete the landmark's restoration, as much as $1 million to $1.5 Million. The stabilization has been funded by approximately $500,000 allocated by the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program.
      Cabin Creek Covered Bridge is a 114-foot single span bridge built in 1873, and is one of only 12 remaining covered bridges in Kentucky. Also called Rectorville Bridge or Mackey-Hughes Bridge, is currently closed to foot and vehicular traffic.
      For the story, go to
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Graham Road Covered Bridge Story

Ashtabula County, OH, February 21, 2009 - How a covered bridge built in 1867 finally outlived its usefulness and was retired, twice. For the story, go to:

A Covered Bridge Modeling Tutorial

Here is a link covered bridge model builders might like to try:

Teens to be charged in Deming Park Bridge Fire

Terre Haute, IN, February 10, 2009 - Three teens will be charged in juvenile court with burning the Deming Park replica bridge in May, 2008.
    The three used homemade napalm, getting the recipe from the internet. For more go to:

Stone Ridge Bridge Site Examined For Replacement

Fredrickton, NB, February 13, 2009 - Stone Ridge and Morehouse Corner residents have been pressuring the government to replace the bridge lost to arson last October 10.
    The 4th Engineer Support Regiment from the Canadian Forces Base at Gagetown have been conferring with the provincial Department of Transportation on a replacement structure.
    Authorities, because of cost, had not planned on replacing the destroyed bridge which connected the communities of Stone Ridge and Morehouse Corner over the Keswick River. A single-lane Baily Bridge would cost up to $300,000.
    For the story, go to:

Delaware Besieged With Graffiti

New Castle County, DE, February 17, 2009 - Travelers of I-95 from Pennsylvania into Delaware are treated to the sight of graffiti on nearly all prominent spaces, on commercial buildings, fences, overhead signs, and overpasses.
    Graffiti taggers have attacked the Wooddale Covered Bridge [WGN DE-02-03] in Greenville three times since it reopened in December following a $3.4 million restoration, and defaced the Ashland Covered Bridge WGN DE-02-03]on Barley Mill Road in Yorklyn, rebuilt between December 2007 and May 2008. The taggers like to graffiti the new siding of the restored bridges, areas traditionally not painted.
    Citizen volunteers of the Citizen Anti-Graffiti Brigade, organized in the fall of 2007, are helping DelDOT clean up, using supplies donated by the state and paint companies.
    Last year, Delaware increased the penalties for painting graffiti and possessing the tools used to draw it. The penalties increase the offense from misdemeanor to felony if the damage exceeds $1,500, a minimum fine of $500, restitution for property damage and 200 hours of community service.
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Trish Kane for finding this story - Ed.]

County to restore Clarkson Covered Bridge
WGN AL-22-01

Cullman County, AL, February 18, 2009 - The Cullman County Commission approved a proposal with Almon Associates of Birmingham for an engineering study on the bridge, also approving an extension of an agreement with the state of Alabama until 2011 for a $400,000 grant to restore the bridge. In all, the commission has $750,000 in grants for the restoration as well as approximately $160,000 set aside for matching funds.
    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Clarkson Covered Bridge was constructed in 1904. At 270 feet in length, the bridge crosses Crooked Creek in two spans using a Town truss. It is the last of two remaining covered bridge in Cullman County. The other was the 50-foot Lidy Walker bridge [AL-22-12] that crossed Lidy's Lake outlet using a Town truss. This bridge was replaced in the summer of 2001
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Bartonsville Bridge to Close for Repairs
WGN VT-13-11

Bartonsville, Vt., February 17, 2009 - The Bartonsville Bridge will be closed next week for repairs of roof supports portal sheathing, damage caused by an unknown truck
    The bridge, will be closed from 8 am to 2 pm Feb. 24 though 26.
    The 158-foot Bartonsville Bridge was built in 1871 by Sanford Granger to cross the Williams River using a Town truss.
    For the story, go to:
    [Our thanks to Johnny Esau and Ray Hitchcock finding this story - Ed.]

Wind Takes Roof Off Millmont Covered Bridge
WGN PA-60-01

Union County, PA, February 13, 2009 - A windstorm with 55 to 65 mile per hour gusts took the roof off Union Counties Millmont Bridge in Hartley Township.

Also called the Red Bridge and Glen Iron Bridge, the 154-foot span was built in 1855 to cross Penns Creek using a Burr Truss. The bridge had been closed to traffic since 1998 but was slated for renovations this coming spring.

For the story and photos go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Walczak, President of Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of PA, Inc., Tom Keating, and Bob & Trish Kane, for finding this story - Ed.]

Larwood Covered Bridge Damaged, Reward Offered
WGN OR-22-06

Albany, OR, January 27, 2009 - Twice damaged by was thought to be a logging truck, Linn County offers a standing reward of $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any bridge vandal.

Damage done by the two incidents made it necessary to limit bridge traffic to one lane. Repairs could cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

The 105-foot Larwood bridge was built in 1939 to cross Crabtree Creek using a Howe Truss. For the story go to:

Gudgeonville Bridge Replacement Years Away
WGN PA-25-03

Gudgeonville, PA, February 04. 2009 - A temporary bridge will be placed on the site of the arsoned Gudgeonville covered bridge at a cost of up to $150,000. The site of the permanent bridge has not been determined. For the story, go to:

Gudgeonville Bridge Arsonists Caught
WGN PA-25-03

Erie, PA, February 4, 2009 - Tipped by 13-year old girl, police apprehended two men, who men confessed. For the story, go to:

Brattleboro's Creamery Bridge to Close WGN VT-13-01

Brattleboro, Vt., January 27, 2009 - The Creamery Bridge is slated to be closed to vehicular traffic this summer, however the new bypassing span will not be ready for traffic until 2010. For the story, go to:

Gudgeonville Bridge Move Video

A message from Tom Walczak: Hi Folks, Thought you might be interested in seeing this video of the removal of the Gudgeonville Bridge in Erie County, Pa this past Monday. It seems the Girard Township Supervisors have no interest in saving the historic bridge. Such a shame! Click on:

Chambers Covered RR Bridge Gets Grant
WGN OR-20-40

January 28, 2009, Cottage Grove, OR - The last covered Railroad Bridge west of the Mississippi has received a restoration grant: See the story:
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

About Quinlan Covered Bridge
WGN VT-04-03

See Don Shall's Quinlan Bridge story:

On The Connecticut

For story and photos of the historic Connecticut River Valley see:

Covered Bridge Society of Virginia Donates Model Bridge

Covered Bridge Society of Va. donates historic Meems Bottom replica to Mt. Jackson Museum. See the story of the donation and of the modeler of covered bridges:

Beaverkill Covered Bridge Repairs Planned
WGN NY-53-02

The county has received a $72,000 Federal grant for the work. See:

Patric Owen Covered Bridge Damaged - Again
WGN NB-12-05

January 22, 2009 - One hundred years old this year the 236-foot Howe Truss 2-span Patric Owen Bridge was closed today after being struck by a vehicle. For story & photo See:

Patric Owen Covered Bridge Opened - Again
WGN NB-12-05

January 28, 2009 - Covered bridge in Rusagonis open to traffic. See:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for finding this story - Ed.]

Bell Ford Covered Bridge Move Stymied
WGN IN-36-03

January 21, 2009, BROWNSTOWN, Ind. - The move from the riverside in Seymour, Indiana to erection in the Fort Harrison Park in Jackson County is on hold—the funding grant is not transferable. For the story, see:

Gudgeonville Covered Bridge Ruins to be Torn Down
WGN 38-25-03

Girard Township, Erie County,Pa., January 06. 2009 - Girard Township supervisors have selected a Conneaut, Ohio, company to demolish the ruins of the Gudgeonville covered bridge, which was heavily damaged by arson in November....the company will also salvage main timbers from the bridge deck and take them to the township building on West Ridge Road...
      For the story, go to:

Langley Covered Bridge Open
WGN 22-75-01

Centreville, Mich, January 2, 2009 - The Langley Covered Bridge, closed since the first week of September, opened today with its $750,000 restoration incomplete.
    Heavy winds last weekend tore away portions of the metal roof at the north end and central portion of the bridge, however the bridge is structurally sound to handle traffic.
    The contractors returned to the bridge Tuesday and made repairs to the damaged roof and cleared the site. They will return in the spring to complete the work.
    [Thanks to Tom Keating for finding this item - Ed.]

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