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My Vermont Trip -
A Photo Gallery

by Richard St. Peter

Lincoln Gap Bridge. Photo by Richard StPeter, October, 2007
Lincoln Gap Bridge, Warren VT-12-15
© 2007 Richard StPeter
Gorham Bridge. Photo by Richard StPeter, October, 2007
Gorham Bridge, Pittsford/Proctor 1842
© 2007 Richard StPeter

      It has been a while since I have visited Vermont, so in October I decided to head up from Virginia and photograph some covered bridges, fall foliage and enjoy being back to my roots--having been born in Vermont.
      Since I drove up from Virginia I entered the state in Bennington and photographed the three covered bridges there, then I traveled over to Brattleboro, up to Springfield, continued on to White River, then traveled west on Route 4 through Woodstock, finally arriving and staying in Rutland for a couple of days.
      I then left heading south on route 7 toward Manchester, and Sunderland before leaving Vermont by Rt 313 west and photographing my final bridge in West Arlington. If you look at a Vermont map, you can see how I made a big loop through the state. In these travels I was able to photograph 16 covered bridges.
      I also visited and photographed Texas Falls, Moss Glen Falls, and Kent Pond. The photos were taken using my digital Nikon SLR. I also used my Nikon 6006 for film coverage. My wife, also a photographer, traveling with me photographed using her digital Nikon, and her medium format Hasselblat. We have both been photographing for about 40 years.
      I didn't get many photographs of fall foliage. I was apparently too early since I was doing my traveling over October 5 through 8. However, it was a relaxing, enjoyable trip and enjoyable just being back in Vermont.
[Richard, now residing in Virginia, has been a VCBS member since December 12, 2000 - Ed.]

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