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John Robertson Covered Bridge Drawings

Hello Mr. Nelson
      I've recently run across three framed prints in our attic here in North Carolina and I thought I might ask you about them.
      These drawings are by a John Robertson and are, in my amature opinion, of excellent quality and detail.
      The first is numbered 052 of 100; "Swanton Railroad Bridge," and signed John Robertson, 12/12/84.
      The second is untitled and is labeled "Robertson 83".
      The third is numbered 030 of 100; "Fisher Bridge," and signed John Robertson, 12/19/87.
      I'd like to know how these drawings by an obviously fine artist came to be.
            Sincerely, Gary Hunter.

If John Robertson is out there or someone who knows his work, please contact me, Joe Nelson, at and I will connect you with Mr. Hunter.

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This file posted 06/08/2013