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Video clips and news on covered bridge damage due to Hurricane Lee
As of October 3, 2011
Current updates in blue

This list has been condensed and revised to include only bridges that were damaged and what is known about them. It was compiled by Trish Kane with assistance from Covered Bridge Enthusiasts from PA, VT, NY, NH, MD and DOT's from PA and VT. Please note that we are not sure how long the links provided will remain active.

Please note: Information and damage assessments on our bridges could change significantly as the flood waters recede and crews can get to our bridges to inspect them more thoroughly. Further time will be needed to assess the damages and formulate recovery plans.


Bucks County

Most of Buck's County bridges had high waters, but came through the storm unharmed. High waters prevented getting near the Cabin Run, Erwinna, Frankenfield, Loux, and Uhlerstown bridges so we have no report on them

Columbia County

Josiah Hess - PA-19-10

Undermining at the base of the abutments

Davis - PA-19-16

Extent of damage unknown but the bridge has been closed

Rupert - PA-19-33

Some damage. Tree branch went through side of bridge, but should be easy to repair.

Lancaster County

Pinetown - PA-36-05

Pinetown Bridge is in bad shape. The entire bridge is shifted downstream on its abutments, it is bowed downstream in midspan, and is leaning downstream. It is closed to all traffic.

The bridge is closed to all traffic and damaged. The rushing waters of the Conestoga have bowed the bridge--it is no longer straight. It looks like one of the Burr trusses on the downstream side has sustained a crack as well. The gable end on the west side is separated at the top and you can clearly see that the right post of that entry is in at the bottom. The upstream side of that end is about 4-5 inches from its place on the stone support. Debris is inside the bridge. The siding on the downstream side was pushed out at the bottom by water.

Hunsecker Mill - PA-36-06

Arial footage of the flooding showing the Hunsecker Covered Bridge.

Bridge is closed. Grassy debris lay inside alongside the bridge floor. Some of the bridge's side boards are damaged in their lower sections.

Rosehill/Wenger - PA-36-14

Had about 4 feet of water above the deck. The bridge seems sound but is currently impassible due to water on the floodplain approaching the bridge.

The bridge is still open and supporting traffic although it moved about 3 inches downstream from the fast moving water in the Mill Creek. Some of the cement caps on top of the western stone support walls have been washed onto the ground. There is also a bit of undermining on the wet stone wall at the bottom...looks like the wall is separated from the road. You can see on the west side the separation from the original mark where it sat on the foundation. There is debris inside between the outside boards and the Burr truss. There is a faint watermark on the outside of the bridge, lower than Agnes. One of the overhead beams is cracked but I am not sure if it was not cracked before.

Siegrist Mill - PA- 36-37

Has been swept away but it is lying on the stream bank less than a bridge-length downstream and is mostly intact.

Exciting News! - Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge will rise again!

Northumberland County

Rishel - PA-49-05

Damage to sideboards and water reached 6 feet up from flooring.

Sullivan County

Forksville - PA-57-01

Bridge has minor damage, consisting mostly of debris in and around the bridge.

Hillsgrove - PA-57-02

The newly rebuilt Hillsgrove Covered Bridge has been considerably damaged. Side boards are pulled loose and a tree pieced the bridge. The approaches to the bridge have been washed away.

Sonestown - PA-57-03

A tree went through the bridge and is still lodged in the bridge. Repairs will be necessary.

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