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Brattleboro's Creamery Bridge By-pass Project Status

Creamery Bridge Bypass Project. Photo by Ray Hitchcock 
Creamery Bridge Bypass Project.
Photo by Ray Hitchcock March 25, 2010

The covered bridge is handling a steady stream of traffic while the new replacement is built - Ray

One Year Ago - - -

Creamery Bridge Bypass to go forward
(WGN VT-13-01)

Brattleboro, Vt., March 23, 2009 - Town Representatives voted 129 to 7 to authorize a $230,000 bond to provide the Town's 10 percent share of the cost to build a new concrete and steel bridge across the Whetstone Brook, bypassing the Creamery Covered Bridge.
      The new bridge will have sidewalks to accommodate foot traffic to and from Living Memorial Park, but there are concerns about vehicular traffic flow at the new intersection and on Guilford Street.
      The Creamery Bridge will be closed when construction starts in July to make room for construction equipment. When it reopens, it will be pedestrian access only. The new bridge is expected to be ready in the spring of 2010.

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