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The Changing Scene

Things change, especially covered bridges and road signs. To serve the seekers of the elusive covered bridge using my book in their quest, as well as those using quickly out-dated maps, I devote this page.
     The road name changes below are due to Vermont's Enhanced 911 program requiring that all roads be marked with name signs, unnamed roads to be named, and road name conflicts and confusion to be cleaned up--all of this to allow emergency services to find a caller quickly.
     If anyone knows of a change to a road name or to a covered bridge that should be on this list, please contact me at and I'll include it with your name as contributor.

Note: (mo/yr) is date item was posted to this web page.

In Northfield Falls, the road leading to the Slaughter House Bridge is now marked "Slaughter House Road," formerly "Baily Street." (8/01)

In South Pomfret, the Smith Bridge off Stage Road near the Suicide Six resort has been clearly marked "PRIVATE DRIVE" and the property posted. (8/01)

The road off Route 14 in Randolph to the Johnson, or Braley Bridge , formerly unmarked, is now signed "Braley Covered Bridge Road." (6/00)

The road off Route 14 in Randolph to the Hyde , or Kingsbury Bridge , formerly unmarked, is now signed "Kingsbury Road." (6/00)

Formerly unsigned road leaving Route 100C north of Johnson to the Scribner Bridge now named "Rocky Road."(4/00)

The road to Florence and the Hammond Bridge, leaving Route 7 just north of Pittsford, is now marked "Kendall Hill Road." It was formerly marked only with a sign: "Truck Route to Florence."(3/00)

Kendall Hill Road continues past the Hammond Bridge to the newly signed "West Creek Road," once referred to as the Florence-Proctor Road. You can visit the Depot Bridge by driving through the very narrow railroad underpass and continuing to the intersection marked "Depot Hill Road," once called "Depot Street." Drive through Depot Bridge and continue to Route 7.(3/00)

The road to the Chiselville Bridge leaving Route 7A 0.2 miles south of the junction with Route 313 has been marked with the road sign "East Arlington Road." (3/00)

In North Bennington, the streets leading to the Henry Bridge from Route 67A have been freshly re-signed. Leave Route 67A on River Road as before. Continue through the intersection with Park Street onto Harrington Road to the bridge.(3/00)

The name of the road to the Cooley Bridge in Pittsford, once called Bridge Street, is now signed "Elm Street." Elm Street connects from Route 7 in the middle of Pittsford village to the previously unsigned "Gorham Bridge Road" at the Gorham Bridge. Gorham Bridge Road connects with Route 3, which in turn connects with Route 7 south of Pittsford village.(3/00)

Big changes to road names in little East Fairfield; For access to the far side of the East Fairfield covered bridge from Route 36, take Mill Street, formerly Macomber Road. The road crossing the bridge has been posted Bridge Street. Lamentably, Egypt Road, commemorating one of the most heart-warming historical happenings in the region, has been changed to New Street. (11/99)

In Belvidere, Back Road, once divided into Back Road (north end) and Mill Bridge Road (south end) has been re-signed, making it Back Road for its entire length. Back Road provides access to the Lumber Mill and Morgan bridges. (10/99)

The rickety old Spade Farm Bridge beside U.S. Route 7 in Ferrisburgh has gotten the attention it has needed. It is sporting a new roof, and that shaky flooring has been replaced. The property, including several nearby buildings, is now owned by the Ferrisburgh Artisans Guild, a non-profit organization. The beautiful house next to the bridge is now a superb art gallery and the adjacent buildings house working art studios and a café.(9/99)

Hutchins Bridge Road opens off South Brook Road which in turn intersects Route 118. The "Hutchins Bridge Rd" sign has been moved from the edge of Route 118 and replaced with "S. Brook Rd."(9/99)

Both ends of Creamery Bridge Road in Montgomery are now marked: a new sign was placed at the "Hill West Road" intersection. However, Creamery Bridge Road is still impassable to regular automobiles from this end and the Creamery Covered Bridge remains closed.(9/99)

The road name to the Lords Creek Bridge has been changed from "Old Dump Road" to "Covered Bridge Road."(9/99)

Coventry Road in Coventry has been renamed "Covered Bridge Rd." (not to be confused with Covered Bridge Road in neighboring Irasburg). Heermansmith Farm Road, part of the loop of back roads leading to the Orne (or Black River, or Coventry) covered bridge has been renamed "Heermanville Rd."

In Ferrisburgh, Jimmo's Store, which once marked the intersection of Route 7 and Old Hollow Road is no more. A new Mobil gasoline station stands in its place. (Old Hollow Road is part of the route to the Quinlan and Seguin bridges.)(9/99)

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