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Vermont Covered Bridge Tour Information
The VCBS has received a lot of mail requesting covered bridge guide maps and information. We highly recommend the following materials to help you make a satisfying tour of our covered bridges. These resources are available at most Vermont drug stores and book stores:

The Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer. Freeport, ME: DeLorme Mapping, P.O. Box 298, Yarmouth, ME 04096, (207) 846-7000, www.delorme.com, or

The Vermont Road Atlas and Guide, Northern Cartographic, Inc., 4050 Williston Road, Burlington, VT 05403

Covered Bridges of Vermont, Illustrated map & Guide to 107 authentic Vermont Covered Bridges, Hartnett House Map Publishers, P.O. Box 41, Freeport ME 04032, (207) 865- 4037.

Also the Vermont Official State Map and Touring Guide available at Vermont State information centers or through Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing, National Life Bldg., 6th Floor, Montpelier, VT 05620-0501, Phone: 802-828-3237, or through their toll free number: 1- 800-VERMONT or website http://www.VermontVacation.com

There are two excellent books designed to guide seekers of covered bridges:
Covered Bridges of Vermont, by Ed Barna, published by The Countryman Press, P.O. Box 748, Woodstock VT 05091-0748. Also available through the author. write: Ed Barna, 7 Forbes Circle, Middlebury, VT 05753-1128 ($17.00).

Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges, by Joseph C. Nelson, published by The New England Press, P.O. Box 575, Shelburne, VT 05482-0575. Also available through the author. Write Joe Nelson, P.O. Box 267, Jericho, VT 05465-0267, ($40.00) or through web page www.vermontbridges.com/thebook. The book features 102 color photographs of Vermont's covered bridges in fifteen guided tours. An appendix provides: A Summary of Vermont's Covered Bridges; A Covered Bridge Glossary; A Bridge Truss section explaining how trusses work; The Bridge Builders, providing thumbnail biographies of the people who designed and built the bridges; A Covered Bridge Reading List, for those who want to read more.

The Vermont Covered Bridge Society will continue to answer questions about covered bridges informally by surface mail: VCBS, Inc. P.O. Box 97, Jeffersonville, VT 05464, or by email: jcnelson@together.net, and through this website.

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