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Phil Pierce Principle Investigator for New Federal
Covered Bridge Manual

Phil Pierce, P.E., a noted consulting engineer for covered bridges, reports that he has been selected by the Federal Highway Administration to be Principle Investigator for one of its new research projects.
        "Our team is challenged to prepare an all-encompassing Covered Bridge Manual to be published by the Federal Government," Pierce said in an e-mail to VermontBridges Dot Com.
        "We have two years to complete the work and it will culminate in a training program for use by state officials," said Pierce. "My team includes Abba Lichtenstein - renown historical bridge engineer residing in northern New Jersey, Ben Brungraber - respected timber engineer who works with Benson Woodworking in Alstead Center, NH, and Scott Sabol - Assistant Professor at the Vermont Technical College and former Senior Projects Manager and Senior Program Officer at the Transportation Research Board in Washington.
         "I owe much thanks to Senator Jeffords for his leadership in gaining Federal funding for our covered bridge treasures. My team will work hard on behalf of all of us who are interested in helping to preserve our heritage.
         I am anxiously awaiting word on who the other teams are and the topics of their research. Hopefully, it will be released shortly," Pierce said.

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This file updated September 29, 2000