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Bridgeton Bridge construction to begin

Bridgeton, IN, December 16, 2005 - The Bridgeton Covered Bridge Design and Construction Team has voted to proceed with construction on a historically correct bridge to replace the one an arsonist destroyed in May, assuming The board of commissioners agrees. "it's definitely a go," said team member and president of the Parke County Board of Commissioners, Jim Meese.
     The team has "tentatively" accepted a bid for the reconstruction of the abutments. While the abutments are under repair, members of the design and construction team will be acquiring the necessary permits from federal, state and county. Others are listing media contacts, and working on timber procurement and contacting those who have pledged donations of materials. Construction is expected to be done in phases.
     About $145,000 has been raised toward the cost of building the bridge, more funds will be needed to keep pace with the project. “I'm asking everyone who enjoyed the bridge to give themselves and our county a special Christmas present this year by making a donation to the Bridge Reconstruction Fund,” Meece said. “No amount is too small or too large. Everyone can be a part of rebuilding this historic structure. It will be a valuable asset for generations to come. Yes, you can be a part of building a covered bridge. That's a story worthy of passing along from one generation to another. How many people have had the opportunity to participate helping to build a covered bridge? We hope to have bridge construction under way this summer so people can watch the old timber-framing construction process.”
     The construction and design team also needs donations of poplar trees of 20 inches in diameter and larger. The team will be responsible for taking down the trees and transporting them to the site. Donors can contact Patricia Pastore at
     Donations toward construction of the new Bridgeton Covered Bridge may be made by sending a check to the Bridgeton Covered Bridge Replacement Fund, c/o Bart Barnes, treasurer, Bridgeton Covered Bridge Association, P.O. Box 1868, Bridgeton, IN 47836; or Bridgeton Covered Bridge Replacement Fund, c/o Parke County Inc., P.O. Box 165, Rockville, IN 47872.
          The Bridgeton Covered Bridge Design and Construction Team invites the public to a groundbreaking at 4 p.m. Jan. 12 at the bridge site in Bridgeton to celebrate the beginning of construction on a new covered bridge. The timber bridge will replicate the 1868 Bridgeton Bridge destroyed by arson in May.

This article is condenced from an article published by the Tribune-Star Bridgeton, Indiana on December 16, 2005, written by Patricia Pastore. For details visit for this article posted Friday the 16th. [Thanks to James Crouse for bringing the article to our attention - Ed.]

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