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Book Reviews - Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges by Joe Nelson

BridgePros Review. January 9, 2001 Reviewer: Shane Rixom from Florida

This book gets a 10 out of 10 from BridgePros. At we have been lucky enough to review some of the best products about bridges. This book just adds to the list. The information and pictures are wonderful. The book is laid out very well with 15 different tours to take of the bridges. The history of each bridge was researched well with all the source laid out nicely. This book has a great appendix for the bridge novice, including: A summary of the bridges, a covered bridge glossary, and a great explanation with pictures of the different bridge trusses, a section on the bridge builders, and finally a reading list. The book ends with a comprehensive index. This book is the fIrst place you should look to learn about anything on Vermont's covered bridges and how to see them all! This reviewer traveled to Vermont in October 2000 to check out some of the tours listed in this book. They were laid out excellently. Very good guide.

A wonderful book that I highy recommend! September 17, 1998
Reviewer: B. J. McKee from Ohio
This extremely well written book contains a wealth of information and beautiful color photographs about all of the covered bridges in Vermont. The author has also drawn nice maps so that visitors can locate the bridges, which is very helpful. Anyone who is interested in covered bridges should own a copy of this fIne book. I fInd it well worth the price and highly recommend it!

Vermont Weathervane Book News - July, 1998 - Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges
Covered bridges have a special appeal that goes beyond their unique appearance and historical interest. The bridges span time as well as rivers and streams, bringing viewers back to a different era, when craftsmanship mattered and daily life proceeded at the pace of a horse's trot, not a car's overdrive. Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges, newly published by The New England Press, showcases all 101 of Vermont's historic covered bridges with color photographs, facts and figures, and written histories.
      Yet Spanning Time is more than a book about covered bridges - it is a labor of love. Author Joseph C. Nelson weaves a rich tapestry of the present and past, the practical and romantic, and the technical and artistic as he celebrates the bridges and their state
      More than 100 beautiful color photographs showcase the aesthetic appeal of the bridges and the four-season splendor of Vermont. Entertaining and little-known historical anecdotes about the bridges and the areas around them introduce readers to local lore.
      For those who want to see the bridges for themselves, the book is organized into fifteen regional tours. Each tour has a map, and there are precise directions so that travelers can find even the most remote bridge
      Detailed appendices provide information for bridge lovers, including a fact summary for all of the bridges, an introduction to some of the finer points of truss engineering, and a bibliography for those who want to read more. There is even a glossary to help readers understand covered-bridge terminology.
      Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges takes you on a journey of discovery that reaches across the years and stretches to all corners of Vermont
      It also captures a part of our heritage that is slowly disappearing, despite renewed efforts to preserve and protect Vermont's remaining bridges.

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