Kayaking Along The Battenkill

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Kayaking Along The Battenkill

Living in Vermont we are familiar with the covered bridges in Bennington county along the Battenkill. The Battenkill runs from Bennington county in southern Vermont west to Washington county in New York. Join reporter Cecily Bailey from the Albany Times Union as she kayaks along the Battenkill in New York and discovers some covered bridges to our west.

With guidence from Don Otey of Battenkill Valley Outdoors Bailey and her husband set out to paddle for a distance of 6 miles. Along the way they saw the Shushan Bridge (NY-58-02) and the Rexleigh Bridge (NY-58-03) among other sights.

There are two other covered bridges that cross the Battenkill in New York: the Eagleville bridge (NY-58-01) and the Buskirk bridge (NY-54-02/NY-42-02). Search the VCBS for past articles on these bridges. There is a wealth of information to be found there.

The following web link contain the full story found in a recent Albany Times Union edition:
An alternate route to covered bridges - Battenkill offers views of historic spans

[Our thanks to Donna Freeland and James Crouse for sharing the story - Ed.]

[For more information on the Vermont bridges crossing the Battenkill see the
Virtual Tour of Bennington County - Ed.]

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