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Covered Bridge Community News Notes

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Pulp Mill Bridge is Closed For Repairs
[WGN 45-01-04]

Middlebury,Vt. Jan. 3, 2011 - The Pulp Mill Bridge is closed for rehabilitation beginning January 3, 2011. Reopening is not expected prior to November 16, 2012.
      The pedestrian bridge beside the covered bridge remains open except when crane work is taking place.

Green River Covered Bridge Robbed of Historic Sign
[WGN 45-13-04]

Guilford, Vt. Dec. 27, 2011 - The 100-year-old sign is believed to have been taken down from the bridge sometime during Christmas Eve.
      The 2-foot by 3-foot sign admonished travelers: "Two dollars fine to drive on this bridge faster than a walk" in black lettering on a white background.
      Anyone with information on the theft of the sign should call Trooper Generva Cushman at 802.254.2382

World's longest recycled bridge spans Scottish river

Peeblesshire, Scotland, December 7, 2011 - The newly built Dawyck Estate river crossing in Peeblesshire, Scotland, is the world's longest recyclable bridge.
      The bridge measures 30 metere long and uses a super-strength composite plastic material engineered by researchers at Rutgers University from such common items as plastic bottles and household plastic waste. The bridge will serve pedestrians, cars, and trucks. No, this bridge is not covered.
      For the story of the bridg, photos, and the future of composite plastics in structures, go to:

      [Thank you James Crouse - Ed.]

Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge Restoration
WGN 37-20-40

Cottage Grove, OR, December 3, 2011 - The restored Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge was dedicated and opened for public use on December 3, 2011. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the celebration. Check out the photos and video of the project on this page
       The City of Cottage Grove, Oregon is proud of the efforts to restore the only remaining covered railroad bridge in Oregon and what we believe is the only remaining covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi. Our efforts have been under way for about two years.
       We have posted information on the City of Cottage Grove web page at: Included on the webpage is a video of the “launch” or moving of the bridge back into its proper place. The video is also posted on YouTube. The move occurred on October 6th.

Covered bridges could be raised after storm damage
WGN 38-36-37 & 38-36-05

Lancaster. PA, November 30, 2011 - A pair of local covered bridges damaged by Tropical Storm Lee will be fixed, but the county also might raise them two feet.
      While a storm like Tropical Storm Lee was a rare occurrence, it could happen again.
      That's why Douts, director of Lancaster County's facilities management department, told the county commissioners Wednesday that when repairs are mapped out forthe Seigrist's Mill Bridge (WGN 38-36-37) and the Pinetown Road Bridge (WGN 38-36-05, two covered bridges damaged by Lee, engineers are going to investigate raising the structures by two feet.
      For the story and photos, go to: Bridges.
      To read more, go to:

      Thank you Tom Keating - Ed.]

Elizabethton CB starts $400,000 renovation
WGN 42-1-01

Elisabethton, TN, November 29, 2011 - The Tennessee Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration provided a grant of $400,000 toward renovating the bridge.
      Tourists come from miles around to see the bridge and it is arguably considered Carter County's signature landmark.
      "Elizabethton wouldn't be Elizabethton without the covered bridge that's the history of Elizabethton," said Diana Edwards an Elizabethton native.
      Now, the covered bridge is closed as construction workers get ready to replace the roof, the siding and the support structures. Crews will re-paint, install security cameras and a sprinkler system.
      For the story and videos, go to:

      [Thank you Brian McKee - Ed.]

Charleton Mill CB Deemed Unsafe
WGN 35-29-16

Xenia, OH, November 28, 2011 - The Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge will be closed rehabilitation. County engineer Robert Geyer estimates the bridge will be renovated and reopened by fall 2012.
      One of only five in Greene County, it is the only one serving a "through road."
      The Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge in Xenia Twp. is a 120-foot Howe truss design bridge that crosses Massie Creek. County documents indicate the bridge was built by Henry Hebble in 1860. It is only approved for 3-ton loads.
       the county's chief bridge inspector Kevin Mallow said, in part, that "the bridge has deteriorated to the point it can no longer convey traffic safely. "We are currently in the design phase for this bridge to bring it up to specs for all traffic, including school buses and emergency vehicles."
      For the story and photos, go to:

      Thank you James Crouse & Tom Keating - Ed.]

Rapps Dam Covered Bridge to Open November 211
WGN 38-15-14

East Pikeland, PA, November 18, 2011 - The following is a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation:
      The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will reopen the Rapps Dam Road covered bridge on Monday afternoon (Nov. 21) following the completion of the $1.5 million project to rehabilitate the historic structure over French Creek in East Pikeland Township, Chester County.
      PennDOT's contractor worked the past 10 months to restore the 106-foot long covered bridge by removing and replacing its deteriorated cedar shake roof, redwood siding and timber decking. Crews also replaced four steel beams supporting the bridge deck, and repaired the structure's stone abutments and wing walls.
      The bridge, which was originally built in 1866 and reconstructed in 1978, was closed for construction on Jan. 17, 2011. During construction, Rapps Dam Road motorists have been detoured over Route 113 and Route 23. The bridge carried approximately 4,300 vehicles a day prior to its closure.
      Bi-State Construction Company, Inc. of Easton, Pa. was the general contractor on the $1,527,257 project. Construction was financed with 100 percent state funds.
      For story and photo, go to:

      [Thank you Jim Crouse - Ed.]

Bridgeport covered bridge to be fenced off
WGN 05-29-01

Bridgeport, CA, October 17, 2011 - The Bridgeport covered bridge will no longer be accessible to pedestrians as of Friday, October 21, according to California State Parks officials.
      The western Nevada County spann, one of 10 remaining covered bridges in California, has structural problems that will lead to its closure.
      The 233-foot bridge, originally built in 1862, is the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, according to the California State Parks. It uses a Howe truss with an arch to cross the South Fork of the Yuba River.
      For the story, go to:

      [Thank you Brian McKee - Ed.]

Indiana's Larry Stout Receives Preservationist Award

Rushville, IN, October 6, 2011 - Larry Stout, Rush County Heritage president, received the 2011 Sandi Servaas Memorial Award at Indiana Landmarks' September annual meeting. He brings his award back to Rush County where it joins two previous awards for preservation efforts.
      Rush County resident and volunteer Larry Stout is the most awarded preservationist in the state of Indiana, having recently received the prestigious Sandi Servaas Memorial Award from Indiana Landmarks. The Servaas Award is Landmark's highest honor given annually for individual preservation service.
      Local historian Eleanor Arnold, in nominating Stout for the award, wrote, "A sign on Ronald Reagan's desk said, ÔThere is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit.' These lines describe Larry Stout perfectly. There are more words - quiet, unassuming, incredibly hardworking, persistent, patient, dedicated, motivational, selfless, tireless - all these describe a great leader."
      For the story, go to:

      [Thank you Jim Crouse - Ed.]

Taftsville Bridge to be ‘Unconstructed’
WGN 45-14-12

Woodstock, Vt., November 16, 2011 - The the northeasterly span of the Taftsville Covered Bridge will be dismantled and stored for the winter in the Woodstock Town Garage, leaving only the south westerly span, from abutment to center-stream pier standing over the Ottauqueechee River. The project is expected to be completed by the end of December.
      The crumbling and sliding of the riverbank neccesitated the removal of the northeasterly span. The ground there needs to be stabilized to allow a new abutment to be constructed.
      The bridge will be restored as part of the reconstruction project already planned to begin in 2012. The Wright Construction of Mount Holly won the disassembly work with the low bid of $226,758. FEMA is expected to fund 75% of the cost with the state and town providing 15 and 10% respectively. - Johnny Esau, VCBS Life Member

Cabin Creek CB Restoration Approved
WGN 17-68-03

Vanceburg, KY, October 25, 2011 - The Kentucky Department of Parks was awarded more than $740,000 for the restoration of the 114-foot single span bridge built in 1873. The bridge is one of only 12 remaining covered bridges in Kentucky. Also known as the Rectorville Bridge or Mackey-Hughes Bridge, it was closed to foot and vehicular traffic in 1983, according to previous information. Total cost for restoration has been estimated to be around $1 million.
      There will be a public hearing about the bridge Nov. 15, at 5 p.m., in Tollesboro, exact location to be announced.
      For the story, go to:
      For further reading, go to:

[Thank you Brian McKee - Ed.]

Moscow Bridge Restoration to Earn Governor's Award
WGN 14-70-01

Rush County, IN, October 25, 2011 - Rush County Heritage Inc. will receive the 2011 Governor's Award for Preservation of Historic Places. The organization advocated reconstruction of the Moscow Covered Bridge. The Rush County landmark was destroyed by a tornado in 2008. The award will be presented to representatives of Rush County Heritage next month.[ Report]

News Release
Rush County Heritage, Inc., has been selected to receive the 2011 Governor's Award for Preservation of Historic Places.
      The award was established in 2009 by the DNR Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology and annually recognizes outstanding grassroots efforts that result in the preservation of Indiana's cultural heritage.
      This year's award recognizes the achievements of Rush County Heritage in acting as a persuasive advocate to Gov. Mitch Daniels, James Schellinger of CSO Architects, DNR Division of Forestry, and other civic leaders and volunteers around the state to provide major support for reconstruction of the Moscow Covered Bridge.
      The bridge is an important landmark for the community of Moscow and Rush County that was destroyed by a tornado in 2008.
      Rush County Heritage advocated reconstruction of the bridge with as much original material as possible, retained the services of engineer Jim Barker to ensure an accurate result, and coordinated fundraising in the community as part of the Moscow Covered Bridge Restoration Committee.
      The award will be presented to representatives of Rush County Heritage, Inc., Nov. 14 at 2 p.m. at the bridge, located on Rush County Road 900 in Moscow.
      Source: Indiana Department of Natural Resources
      For the article, go to:

[Thank you James Crouse - Ed.]

Siegrist Mill covered bridge Recovered From Creek
WGN 38-36-37

Lancaster, PA, October 18,2011 - A very interesting video of lifting the Siegrist Mill Bridge in Lancaster County near Mount Joy: Go to:

Thanks to both Prof. Knapp and to Prof. Miller for sharing this. Well worth watching!
From: Ron Knapp

For the story, go to:

For further reading, go to: Read more:

Replica to replace historic Schlichers Covered Bridge WGN 38-39-06

North Whitehall, PA, October 18, 2011 - The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation plans to replace Schlichers Covered Bridge here with a new structure built to carry heavier traffic while preserving the historic structure's appearance.
      : PennDOT plans call for the replacement of 90 percent of the bridge's original fabric.
new materials and roughly 10 percent reclaimed from the existing bridge, starting in spring or summer 2013.       :closed since December 2009.PennDOT plans to start work in the spring or summer of 2016
      : For the story, go to:       : [

Thank you Terry Miller - Ed.]

Selectboard weighs options for repair of Bartonsville bridge
WGN VT-13-11

Rockingham, Vt., October 5, 2011 - While the estimated costs of repairing the bridge is yet to be determined, two types of bridges are in discussion to replace the wooden bridge. The town is thinking of putting in either a covered bridge similar to the original design or a concrete bridge.
      For the story, go to:

      [Our thanks to Johnny Esau who found this article - Ed.]

Work Approved on Siegrist Mill bridge
WGN PA-36-37

Mount Joy, Pa., October 5, 2011 - Lancaster County commissioners are expected to take the first step in resurrecting the Siegrist Mill covered bridge that was swept off its foundation during Tropical Storm Lee.
      The commissioners likely will approve agreements with the owners of three properties for temporary construction easements that will enable the bridge to be rebuilt on site.
      Since Sept. 8, the 92-foot span built in the 1880s has been lying in a heap in Chiques Creek. The 50-ton bridge carried Siegrist Road over the Chiques on the Rapho-West Hempfield township line. According to Charlie Douts, the county's facilities management director, the bridge is intact, although it sustained heavy damage.
      Within the next month, two large cranes will be brought in to lift the bridge out of the creek and then set it on the shore nearby, where it will be rebuilt.
      For the story, go to:
      To read further, go to:

      [Thank you Tom Walczak for forwarding this article - Ed.]

Blair Covered Bridge Repair
WGN NH-05-09

Posted on October 3, 2011 CamptonPD
Campton, NH - The Campton Board of Selectmen received notification on Wednesday, September 28, that the Town's insurance company has approved the repairs to the Blair Covered Bridge as proposed by Bob Durfee, Engineer with Dubois & King.
      The contractor, Stan Graton of 3G Construction, has advised that he has ordered the timbers and it will be a couple of weeks before they are received. Once received, the contractor has assured the Selectmen that he and his crew will work diligently to get the bridge repaired and reopened as soon as possible. With good weather, it should take about one month to complete the repairs from the time they are started.

      [Thank you James Crouse/Bob Sheldon - Ed.]

Funds Raised to help build new covered bridge

Preble County, OH, September 13, 2011 - The Preble County Engineer's Office recently announced the raising of $1.8 million to build a new covered bridge for Preble County residents and tourists from around the world to enjoy.
      The staff at the Preble County Engineer's Office began working aggressively with the County Engineer's Association of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Army Corporation of Engineers, Smolen Engineering and Palmer Engineering, to develop plans, obtain permits and secure federal funding.
      Preble County is already home to the oldest covered bridge in the state of Ohio, the Roberts Covered Bridge, and six other covered bridges.
      For the story, go to:

      [Thank you Tom Keating - Ed.]

Carroll County Farm Museum Gets WGN
WGN 20-nn-nn

Carroll County, MD, September 13, 2011 - The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges recently assigned the Covered Bridge at the Carroll County Farm Museum an official World Guide Number, according to a county press release.
      Pictures, measurements and pertinent information were submitted by Jim Smedley of the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, so that the bridge could receive this recognition.
      The covered bridge at the Carroll County Farm Museum is one of 20 within the state of Maryland and one of four in Carroll County of its kind.
      For the story, videoa and photos, go to: Md.

      [Thank you Tom Keating - Ed.]

Indiana Covered Bridge "Loop"
A guide to Indiana's Covered Bridges

July 27, 2011 - Jackson and five other counties have combined to develop a driving tour of covered bridges called Indiana's Covered Bridge Loop.
      For a copy of the brochure, go to:
      To learn about the Loop project, go to:
      This item forwarded by Jim Smedley via James Crouse. Ed.]

Another Semi Hits Jackson Covered Bridge
WGN 14-61-28

Park County, IN, July 22, 2011 - A second semi-tractor and trailer has damaged the Jackson covered bridge in the past three weeks, but this time the driver was apprehended by police and taken to jail.
      Last Friday, July 15, Parke County Deputies were called to a second incident involving an overweight truck driving through the Jackson Covered Bridge.
      Witnesses gave a description of the truck which was later spotted passing through Rockville. The truck had broken the three "X" braces which were not damaged by the first truck which had gotten stuck in the bridge June 27.
      Both drivers claimed their GPS units had directed them through the bridge.
      The Bridge was reopened when the investigation was completed. The county has ordered signs to redirect heavey truck traffic around the bridge.
      [This Item shared by James Crouse - Ed.]

Herr's Mill Covered Bridge up for Removal
WGN 38-36-21

Lancaster, PA, July 18, 2011 - Bill Caswell, Hillsboro, NH,, recieved the following letter:

Bill, I am writing to make your organization aware of the possible removal of a 180 foot long double Burr Truss covered bridge located at 101 Ronks Road, Paradise Township/East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA. (A photo is attached.) The bridge is unfortunately privately owned and the current owner does not want to continue to maintain it. He is working toward removing deed restriction placed on the bridge when it was transferred into private ownership and has found a contractor willing to remove the bridge which will likely be sold for architectural salvage.

Would your organization consider sending a letter asking the County of Lancaster to take ownership of the bridge so that it can be restored and preserved in place, or removed and rebuilt at another location in the County or nearby?

If so, please write to the following:

Lancaster County Government Center
Office of the County Commissioners
150 North Queen Street
7th floor, Suite 715
Lancaster, PA 17603

Thanks, David Kimmerly,br>

David Kimmerly, Field Representative
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Preservation Pennsylvania
257 North St., Harrisburg, PA 17101
215-353-7625 (Cell)
717-234-2310 (Harrisburg Office)

Send Regular Mail Correspondence to: David Kimmerly. 1137 Park Ave.,Lansdale, PA 19446

Replica to replace historic Schlichers Covered Bridge
WGN 38-39-06

Whitehall, PA, July 15, 2011 - The state Department of Transportation plans to replace Schlichers Covered Bridge in North Whitehall Township with a new structure built to bear more weight while replicating the historic structure's appearance.
      For photo and the story, go to:,0,3424066.story
      [Jim Crouse shared this article - Ed.]

James Smedley, editor of Pennsylvania Crossings, comments:

Sunday, July 17, 2011 - Pennsylvania's Dept of Transportation has big plans for Schlichers C.B.
Tom Walczak, Lish Howard and Ray Finkelstein have all sent us this article about Schlicher's Bridge in Lehigh County.
      I may add that I am concerned that the bridge will have 90% of its wood replaced, which will make it a #2 bridge. Many bridge enthusiasts have contacted me about bridge builders taking the "easy way out" by replacing all of the wood instead of making an attempt to preserve as much of the original bridge as possible. I would think that since the PA Historical & Museum Commission was involved with this project that they believe 90% of the original wood is not usable.
       The article also does not specifically say the bridge will retain its authenticity when rebuilt. It does say "replica" but does that mean it will be rebuilt as an authentic truss bridge or just look like the old bridge? Again, I would think the PA Historical & Museum Commission would make sure it is rebuilt as an authentic truss bridge.
      The article says that "steel beams will support the new bridge. They will be covered with a wood decking so the structure will look like the original." Unless the writer is confused or I am interpreting this incorrectly, it sounds like the truss system will be for looks only. Hopefully, it will still be an authentic covered bridge and the steel beams will only "add" support.
      Member Ray Finkelstein attended the forum last Thursday and he emphasized that although the design looks good on the surface, we need to make every attempt possible to continue to maintain the historical structure of the bridge.

Information of Bridge Funding by Jim Smedley

July 13, 2011- Federal Funding for the rehabilitation of covered bridges across the country was announced on June 28, 2011. This is funding from the 2010 National Historic Covered Bridge Program, not 2011.

Five Pennsylvania bridges are included in the funding: Waterford or Niemyer Road Bridge, Erie County, PA-25-04, $950,000, Forry's Mill Bridge, Lancaster County, PA-36-28, $61,600, Knecht's Bridge, Bucks County, PA-09-02, $23,000. Red Bridge, Perry County, PA-50-06, $47,800. (Pretty sure this is Red Bridge in Perry Co, but no confirmation yet.) Shriver Bridge, Greene County, PA-30-29, $500,000.

To view a couple of articles about Knecht's Bridge funding and local efforts to raise funds, go to: and to

To see a list of all of the covered bridges in the US receiving 2010 rehabilitation funding, go to:

To see a list of all of the covered bridges in the US that have received funding since 2000, go to:

Also, for anyone interested in viewing the PDF version of the very thorough Covered Bridge Manual issued in 2005, go to:

[This Jim Smedley news item forwarded by James Crouse - Ed.]

New Metal Roofs on Covered Bridges

Lancaster, PA, July 13, 2011 - Six of seven county-owned covered bridges slated to get new roofs this year will trade their cedar-shingle roofs for metal tops.
      Historically, the metal roofs are acceptable because the bridges likely had them at some point.
Go to:
      [This item forwarded by James Crouse - Ed.]

Duo seeks help preserving Herr's Mill covered bridge<
WGN 38-36-21

Lancaster, PA, July 12, 2011 - Stephanie A. Smith and Nathaniel C. Guest stand in front of the Herr's Mill covered bridge in Ronks.
      Every day on his drive to and from work at the Strasburg Railroad, Nathaniel C. Guest passes the Herr's Mill covered bridge, and every day it seems a little more dilapidated. Its red painted walls have dulled, its tin roof is rusted and, in places, flaps noisily in the wind, as it sits forlornly along South Ronks Road.
      "I've been watching this bridge year after year, just sort of hanging on," Guest said. "A structure like this can hang on for a long time without a lot of tender loving care, but ultimately, just like us, it's going to need some attention."
      The two hope to gather backing â€"both financial and professional â€" to make the bridge, which crosses the Pequea Creek, a Lancaster County gem.
      For the story, go to:
      [This story forwarded by Jim Crouse - Ed.]

Dunbar Covered Bridge to Get Federal Funds
WGN 14-67-07

Putnam County, IN, June 25, 2011 - The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has chosen Putnam County to receive $1.56 million in federal money for three bridge projects.
      The Dunbar Covered Bridge (Bridge 105) and Bridge 104 on Dunbar Road and the Houck Iron Bridge (Bridge 146) on County Road 25 East have all received funding to be replaced. All three bridges cross Big Walnut Creek.
      Dunbar Covered Bridge will see the most significant change. The current bridge will remain in placed, to be preserved as an historic covered bridge.
      For the story and photo, go to:
      [This article forwarded by Jame Crouse -Ed.]

Little Gap Bridge Damaged by Hit and Run Driver
WGN 38-13-02

Carbon County, PA, June 10, 2011 - Little Gap Bridge near Palmerton has so much damage done by a hit and run driver, inspectors believe it is no longer safe.
      State police say they found the driver who did all the damage. He was identified as Joseph Chiariello, 42, of Albrightsville. Troopers said he has admitted to the hit and run and charges are pending.
      For the story and video, go to:,0,2418982.story
      [This item forwarded by Tom Keating and Jim Crouse - Ed.]

Jackson Bridge Damaged by Semi
WGN 14-61-28
by Cathy C. Harkrider

Rockville, IN, June 28, 2011 - Just thought I would pass along a little information.
       The Jackson Bridge suffered some damage last night as a semi 23 ton attempted to cross the Jackson Bridge. 7 of the 10 vertical cross beams were busted. Bridge Inspectors were on the scene early today to access the damage if any. As of right now the bridge is closed until further notice.
       Parke County along with grants had the bridge reinforced about 3 years ago at a cost of 2 million dollars. It is 207 feet long and the longest single span covered bridge still in use today in the United States.
       The truck actually was totally on the bridge when on the 7th cross the truck air foil became stuck in the beams. County highway had to cut the beams to free the truck. At the same time one of the timbers fell between the truck and trailer cutting an air line making problems for moving the truck.
       When asked why he crossed the bridge, noticing 3 signs saying 13 ton limit, he said he did not know. When asked why he continued through the bridge when he heard and saw timber coming down--- he replied--well I had to get out of the bridge. Why did you not back up into a drive prior to the bridge opening. He said there was a cable across the drive. County commissioner said to him So you would rather tear up a 2 million dollar bridge than a $100 cable. Driver had no reply.
       He ended up on the Bdale Road at the bridge because he could not make a left turn onto Bdale Road at Annapolis. He said he could only turn right. He went the wrong way.
       The only good thing I can say is the Jackson Bridge with a 13 ton load limit is still standing. True test of the weight a bridge can handle as the 23 ton semi was on the bridge for approximately 3 to 4 hours. They were built tough and they stand tough.
      Cathy C Harkrider, PCI Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 165, Rockville, In 47872,, Covered Bridge Festival, October 14-23, 2011       [This article shared by James Crouse -Ed.]

Last covered bridge in New Jersey still stands
WGN 30-10-01

Delaware Tnp, NJ, April 22, 2011 - Built in 1872, the Green Sergeant's Bridge spans the Wickecheoke Creek in Delaware Township and is the last covered bridge in New Jersey.
      For the video, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating for reporting this item - Ed.]

Lairdsville Bridge being Restored
WGN 38-41-03

Lairdsville, PA, April 24, 2011 - The restoration of the Lairdsville Coverer Bridge began, one of the three surviving covered bridges remaining in Lycoming County.
      The 78-foot Lycoming, Lairdsville, or Frazier Bridge was built in 1888 to cross the Little Muncy Creek using the Burr-arch truss.
      For the story and photos, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating and James Crouse for reporting this item - Ed.]

Tipped Wallace, Indiana CB Righted After Storm
WGN WGN 14-23-01

Wallace, IN, May 4, 2011 - Blown over by an April 19th wind storm the Wallace bridge has been reset.
      The 81-foot span was built in 1871 to cross Sugar Mill Creek using a Howe truss.
      For the story and photos, go to:

[Our thanks to Tom Keating and James Crouse for reporting this item - Ed.]

Héritage Stanbridgeois working to prserve Quebec's Covered Bridges
Reconstructing the Townships' past

Notre Dame de Stanbridge, May 7, 2011 - The Des Rivières covered bridge on the Pike River was built in 1884 and is one of two remaining examples in Quebec constructed in the Howe truss style. Conservation group Héritage Stanbridgeois is trying to protect the bridge by urging the province to classify it a historic monument.
      For the past six years, a small group of dedicated residents in the Eastern Townships municipality of Notre Dame de Stanbridge have been trying desperately to preserve a part of Quebec's heritage that they say could disappear over the next 10 years.
      For the story and photos, go to:

Read More:

[Our thanks to Gerald Arbour & James Crouse for reporting this item - Ed.]

Tour Oregon's Covered Bridges

The Bulletin, Oregon, April 17, 2011 - Take a tour of Oregon's covered bridges. For text and photos, go to
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this item - Ed.]

Concord Road Bridge Struck by Car
WGN 10-33-02

Smyrna, GA, April 2, 2011 - Car hits covered bridge near Mableton-Smyrna border. The bridge at Concord Road is closed to traffic until further notice.
      The bridge, also known as the Concord, Ruffs Mill, or Nickajack Creek Bridge. The 132-foot bridge was built in 1872 to cross Nickajack creek in two spans using a Modified queenpost truss.
      For the story and photos, go to:
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this item - Ed.]

Jericho Bridge To Be Overhauled
WGN 20-03-02/20-12-01

Jerusalem Mill, MD, March 29, 2011 - The covered bridge straddling two counties is scheduled to get a nearly $2 million restoration next year.
      The 90-foot-long Jericho Road bridge spans Little Gunpowder Falls between Baltimore and Harford counties. It remains sturdy and safe but is showing signs of its 146 years. Some timbers are deteriorating, the roof leaks a bit, and it needs a fresh coat of fire-retardant paint, preferably classic barn red instead of its current pinkish brown.
      For the story and photos, go to:,0,7469472.story
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this item - Ed.]

Pleasantville CB Closed
WGN 38-06-01
p>Oley, PA, March 22, 2011 - The Pleasantville covered bridge in Oley Township is closed indefinitely after a height-restriction barrier was knocked off its concrete moorings over the weekend.       The 1390-foot span was built in 1852 to cross the Manatawny Creek using a Bur Arch.
      For the story and photos, go to:
[Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this item - Ed.]

Missouri's four CBs serve as serene refuges for visitors
p>Columbia, MO, March 20, 2011 - From the 1820s to the turn of the century, some 30 covered bridges were scattered across the state, most in northern Missouri. Only five were left when the General Assembly passed a law in 1967 protecting the bridges as state historic sites. One of those, the Mexico Covered Bridge, was washed away by floodwaters that same year.
      For the storys of the remaining four bridges, go to:
      See Bollinger Mill Bridge [WGN 25-16-01], Sandy Creek Bridge [WGN 20-50-01], Locust Creek Bridge [WGN 25-58-01], and Union Bridge [WGN 25-69-02]
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this item - Ed.]

Covered Bridges May Fall Prey to Cutbacks

March 10, 2011 - Nostalgia is a luxury few communities or the federal government can afford these days. President Barack Obama's budget proposal for 2012 would eliminate 55 Department of Transportation programs, including the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program.
      The program provides about $8 million a year in grants to repair or rehabilitate a dozen or so covered bridges, an infinitesimal portion of the $3.8 trillion federal budget.
      Transportation Department officials said communities still would be able to apply for grants for covered bridge projects, but they would have to compete with other highway and bridge projects for funds.
      For the story. go to:
      [Our thanks to Jim Crouse for sharing this story - Ed.]

Jackson Covered Bridge Reopened To Traffic
WGN 29-02-01

Jackson, NH, March 3, 2011 The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) announces the Honeymoon Bridge in Jackson has reopened to traffic.
      The wooden covered bridge over the Ellis River at the intersection of NH Routes 16 and 16A was damaged when a car struck one side of the bridge on February 19.
      NHDOT Bridge Maintenance forces completed repair work and reopened the bridge today (March 3). The estimated cost of the repairs is $12,000.
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Ashland Covered Bridge Closed For Emergency Repairs
WGN 08-02-02

WILMINGTON, Del., March 2, 2011 - State transportation officials say Ashland Covered Bridge will be closed March 3 for emergency repairs to damage caused by an oversized vehicle, the second such incident since October 2008.
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New federal regulations add cost to covered bridges

Lancaster,Pa., Feb 28, 2011 - Lancaster County's covered bridges were designed in the 19th century for 19th century vehicles. Modern tractor-trailers, which stand 13 feet six inches tall, cannot fit through covered bridges with a maximum clearance of 11 feet.
      But new federal regulations, which took effect at the beginning of the year, require testing bridges for all types of vehicles - even those that will never use the bridge.
      Those regulations will add about $10,000 to the cost of any Lancaster County covered bridge that is rebuilt or reconditioned.
      Federal Highway Administration regulations required analysis only for the types of vehicles that would use a bridge. New regulations require testing for all vehicles.
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Hunsecker Road Covered Bridge Open
WGN 38-36-06#2

Lancaster County, Pa. Feb. 7, 2011 - Repairs were recently completed and the covered bridge on Hunsecker Road has been reopened to traffic.
      The 37-year-old span bridging the Conestoga River between Upper Leacock and Manheim townships, was closed Sept. 16 after a one-car crash in its interior damaged weight-bearing beams.
      The Hunsecker Bridge was built in 1974 to replace a similar covered bridge destroyed by Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. Before the accident, the wooden bridge carried nearly 900 vehicles daily.
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Jackson covered bridge Closed
WGN 29-02-01

Jackson, NH, Feb 21, 2011 - The Jackson, or Honeymoon covered bridge is closed after engineers determined Sunday there was significant damage following an accident on Saturday afternoon.
      A Department of Transportation spokesman announced that the bridge will be closed indefinitely.
      The bridge was built around 1876 by dairy farmer Charles A. Broughton and his son, according to the town history. It is of Paddleford truss construction is about 121 feet long.
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Canterbury, N.H. Photographer
Photographs N.H. CBs

Canterbury, N.H., Feb. 21, 2011 - Kevin Shuman, 44, of Canterbury, uploads his fantastic photos under the u local username "canterburyshoe."
      Shuman has been taking photos as a hobby for 10 years. He said he has taken over 25,000 pictures between three cameras the last three years.
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Keep Village Bridge Sidewalk, Say Citizens
WGN 45-12-14

Waitsfield, Vt., September 23, 2010 - The Waitsfield Select Board held a hearing to discuss repairs to the bridge, its current condition and how to best use a $270,000 state grant to update/improve the bridge. The state grant is a matching grant towards which the town contributed 20 percent, or $54,000.
      It was disclosed that there are several problems with the bridge that impact its stability. The sidewalk is cantilevered off the north side of the bridge and that is causing the bridge to twist/list to the north.
      The sidewalk may be moved, supported differently, counterbalanced, or removed. Among several other issuesIt was the issue of removing the sidewalk that generated the most comments from those present and via email.
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Harshaville covered bridge funded
WGN 35-01-02

Harshaville, OH, January 19, 2011 - Still in use, the Harshaville covered bridge is slated for restoration later this year. Adams County Engineer David Hook has secured funding for the Harshaville Covered Bridge, which spans 100 feet over Cherry Fork Creek in Oliver Township.
      In 2010, funding was secured for the restoration through the Ohio Department of Transportation Enhancement Program and through the National Historic Covered Bridge Program. Hook expects to award contracts for the project in September and complete the project in spring of 2012. The cost will be $280,000 to $300,000, with the majority of the cost covered by the state and federal funding, and the remainder through local funds.       The 110-foot Harshaville bridge was built circa 1855 to cross the Herry Fork Creek in one span usoing multiple king post truss with burr arches.       For the story and photos, go to:
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Charlotte studies options to repair bridge
WGN 45-04-03

Quinlan Bridge. Photo by Joseph Nelson November 01,1996
Quinlan Bridge 45-04-03
Photo by Joe Nelson, November 1, 1996

Charlotte, Vt. January 12, 2011 - Vermont Agency of Transportation officials presented ideas at Monday's Charlotte Selectboard meeting that they hope will help resolve the dilemma presented by the deteriorating Quinlan covered bridge.
      Repair of the 87-foot-long bridge spanning Lewis Creek must conform to Federal Highway Administration guidelines and the Vermont Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Plan administered by Vermont's Agency of Transportation.
      Mark Colgan of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. of North Ferrisburgh is a consulting engineer working with the state. He described the three possibilities considered by the state Historic Bridge Preservation Committee.
      For the story and photos, go to:
      For the Vtrans Historic Bridge Committee meeting about the Quinlan bridge go to: quinlan_study.html
      The 86-foot Quinlan Bridge was built in 1849 to cross Lewis Creek using a multiple king post truss with Burr arch.
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Ceylon Covered Bridge Gets Grant
WGN 14-01-02

Ceylon, IN, January 3, 2011 - State officials on Thursday announced that nearly $400,000 in historic preservation grant funding had been awarded for the renovation of the covered bridge near Ceylon.
      Local preservationists had failed twice earlier in their attempts to secure federal Community Development Block Grant funds for the rehabilitation project.
      Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman confirmed that Adams County was among 26 communities to receive Community Focus Fund (CFF) grants totaling more than $13 million.
      The Ceylon bridge is the last covered span across the Wabash Riveris 150 feet long and about 21 feet wide and was erected as an open bridge in 1860, then was covered in 1879. Over the years it has fallen into disrepair.
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Rapps Dam Bridge under construction
WGN 38-15-14

East Pikeland, PA, January 1, 2011 - The $1.5 million PennDOT reconstruction project on the Rapps Dam Covered Bridge will begin next week and is planned to be finished in November 2011.
      The 122-foot Rapps Dam Bridge was built in 1866 to cross French Creek in one span ussing a double Bur truss.
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