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Keller-Rettew's Mill Bridge Dedicated
WGN 38-36-13

January 27, 2011 - Editor,
      The below is a link to a Lancaster, PA paper about Rettew's Mill Covered Bridge, 38-36-13 (also known as Keller's Mill or Guy Bard Bridge). This bridge is unique in that it was disassembled four years ago, placed in storage, and now has been reconstructed and opened for traffic at a new location. Many bridges are reassembled in a park location but very few are placed back into daily use at a new location as a normal road bridge.
      I thought this would be a good article for the Vermont Covered Bridge News website. Attached is [my] photograph of the bridge at its new location. The photograph was taken at the bridge dedication on Dec 9th. - Bob Sheldon
Kellers Mill Bridge. Photo by Bob Sheldon,
December 9, 2010
Kellers Mill Bridge. Photo by Bob Sheldon, December 9, 2010
      [Our thanks to Bob Sheldon for sending this article and his photograph.
Please see below for Keller Bridge article previously published on this site - Ed.]

Keller-Rettew's Mill Bridge to be Restored
WGN 38-36-13

Ephrata Township, PA, Dec 16, 2009 - Ephrata's Rettew's Mill Bridge, bypassed, taken down, and stored in 2006, will be placed over Cocalico Creek to serve Middle Creek Road.
      Also known as the Guy Bard Bridge, it was built in 1891 to cross Cocalico Creek serving Rettew's Mill Road.
      Funds for the project, $723,218 will be provided to the county by the state. The contractor is Lycoming Supply Inc., of Williamsport.
      Some of the original timbers will be reused, along with new lumber.The plans for the bridge were approved by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
      For the story and photo, go to: http:
      [Our thanks to Tom Keating for forwarding this article - Ed.]

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Keller's Covered Bridge reopening this week
WGN 38-36-13

Ephrata, Pa., Dec 12, 2010 - This week is expected to mark the reopening of the relocated Keller's Covered Bridge in Ephrata Township.
      The bridge relocation resulted from a first-of-its-kind agreement in Pennsylvania that allowed Ephrata Township to preserve the historic structure by disassembling it, restoring it and reconstructing it at its new site.
      The bridge replaced a steel-truss bridge that had been closed since 1990. Read more:

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