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The Keatings Tour California - Part 4

General Sherman Tree Sign, photos by the Keatings
General Sherman Tree Sign
General Sherman Tree, photos by the Keatings
Liz at General Sherman Tree,
Sequoia National Park

Hi Folks
      On Monday, June 9, we left for Stoney Creek Lodge, on the Generals Highway, between Kings Canyon and Sequoia Natioanal Parks. I have attached photos of myself on the "John Muir Rock" where he had picnics when visiting Hetch Hetchy valley, and Liz in front of Roaring River falls, both in Kings Canyon National Park
      On June 10 we visited Sequoia National Park, Liz by cool sign, General Sherman tree sign, explaining that it is the largest in the world, and Liz in front of General Sherman tree.
      On June 11, we drove to the southern part of Sequoia National Park and stopped at Tunnel Rock, which used to be part of the South Entrance road. I also took a picture of Liz driving our car thru the tunnel tree, which had fallen across the road.
      On June 13, we flew home out of Fresno, Ca. the nearest major airport to Kings Canyon National Park. Actually, it was a regional airport, as we had to fly to San Francisco,then to Chicago, then to Buffalo. There have been several forest fires in California in the areas that we visited since we left. One closed the coastal highway near Big Sur. There have been others near Yosemite, the most recent bewteen Mariposa and the west/valley entrance to Yosemite. According to news reports, it is burning on both sides of the Merced river-- where I rafted. Power to the valley part of Yosemite has been cut off, because of the fire. On July 29, the 140 route into the valley was closed. Visibility in the valley is severely reduced.


Roaring River Falls, photos by the Keatings Sequoia National Park Sign, photos by the Keatings
Liz at Roaring River Falls,
Kings Canyon National Park
Liz at Sequoia National Park Sign
Tunnel Rock, photos by the Keatings John Muir Rock, photos by the Keatings
Liiz at Tunnel Rock
Tom at John Muir Rock

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This file posted 10/15/2008