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The Keating's On Rails

Lenox Station and Tom.
Lenox Station and Tom.
Passenger Car and Tom
Passenger Car and Tom

November 4, 2007 - Hi Folks. Liz and I left home on Friday, September 7. We arrived at the Comfort Inn in Pittsfield, Massachusetts that evening.
      In the morning we drove to Lenox and purchased two2 tickets to the Berkshire Scenic Railway from Lenox to Stockbridge, Mass.
      I have attached pictures of myself at the Lenox station and in front of one of the passenger cars. Next there is a picture of the engine pulling into the station.
      There is a museum and gift shop at the Lenox station.
      The last three pictures are of the Stockbridge station, one inside with Liz, and two outside showing the station and flower garden.
      The railway is also called the Housatonic Railway and follows the Housatonic river

All photos taken by the Keatings.

Engine pulling in Lenox Station Museum Flowers
Engine pulling in
Lenox Station Museum Flowers
Lenox Station Museum Housatonic River
Lenox Station Museum
Housatonic River
Liz riding coach
Liz riding coach

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