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Rehabilitation Bids Are In on Hamden Covered Bridge

Hamden Bridge photo contributed by Dick

May 1, 2000
         The bids were opened for the rehabilitation of the Hamden Covered Bridge (Delaware County, New York) this afternoon. The apparent low bidder is W. (Bill) L. Kline - the contractor who previously completed our work on the Downsville Covered Bridge. His bid was $558,000. We're pleased that we have a contractor that we have confidence in and a working relationship with. His price, while not small, seems fair, since competing covered bridge contractors are apparently busy.
         The work should get underway in June and is to be completed by the end of November.   Phil Pierce

Hamden Covered Bridge NOT For Sale, Says Phil Pierce
Source of rumor found.

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000
To: Richard Roy Subject: False info at Hamden
Cc: Joe Nelson, Richard Wilson
Hi Dick
Wayne Marshfield warned me this morning that erroneous info was circulating about the Hamden Covered Bridge. After much digging, I found that our invitation to bidders advertisement had a mistake in it - I accept full responsibility.
        The bridge is not for sale. The bridge is to be rehabilitated according to my efforts of this past several months. We have alerted all those who initially received the invitation. I'm sorry for the mess up - I make mistakes like everyone else. Please share with any/all others.         Phil Pierce

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000
To: Dick Wilson
Cc: Joe Nelson
Subject: Re: Hamden Bridge
Hi Dick,
[In answer to your inquiry . . .] The construction contract for the Hamden bridge is out for bid now - bids due on May 2nd. The work includes replacement of the bottom chords which are in rough shape. The top chords are to be retained, unless deterioration is discovered during the work. Some of the posts and a few diagonals are broken and are being replaced. The floor is to be completely replaced. The lateral bracing (tie beams and knee-braces) are being replaced with a much stronger system to avoid (hopefully) the previous problems that led to the installation of a pile bent which was added back in the 50s. The bent is being removed to restore the bridge to its original single span. The outside "elephant ears" are being buried, never again to be resurrected, I hope. The laid up stone abutments are being retained, but the existing concrete caps are shot and are being replaced. New steel sheet piling is being installed as scour protection around the old abutments (this was necessary in order to retain the old abutments), but will not be very visable when completed. The roofing and siding will be completely replaced. The project is to be completed this season. The facts, as crisply as I could offer them.       Phil Pierce

The Hamden Bridge was built in 1859 by Robert Murray. It spans the West Branch of the Delaware River. Robert Murray constructed the bridge with a Long Truss, Patented by Stephen Long in 1830. The bridge is 125 ft. long in a single span, but a pier was put in the center if the bridge in the early 1940's. Dick Wilson

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