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The Copeland Covered Bridge Renovation

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001
From: Pat Kane
To: Joe Nelson
Subject: Copeland Covered Bridge

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Bob & Trish Kane, 020101

Hi: Bob and I were able to do some bridging a couple of weeks ago and went to visit the Copeland Covered Bridge. I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress to date. It is really coming along quite nicely. We were especially pleased to see how they repaired the bottom of the queenpost truss, which was a concern. With the landscaping they have done, you really get an opportunity to see much more of the bridge. When they are finished, it will really be beautiful there.

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Bob & Trish Kane, 020101          It always pleases us when we see folks all working together for the good of our bridges. The little community of Edinburg is a fine example of what can be done when folks pull together to save a bridge. They should be commended for their efforts.

Bob and Trish

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Bob & Trish Kane, 020101
Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Bob & Trish Kane, 020101

Date: Tue., 16 Nov. 2000
From: David (Bridgeman) Guay
Subject: Copeland News

Hi all; Here is some news on the Copeland covered bridge in Saratoga Co., N.Y. World Guide # 32-46-01. All this information I got from the carpenter on site.

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Marie Penino, 11/17/00         All the floor boards have been removed, and will be reinstalled within 2+weeks. He was saying that things are going very well so far, and they don't believe how far along they are.
        Both bottom chords have been replaced. They are now brand new, and are of a larger size than the originals. They were from the large pines that were felled right next to the bridge, and were shaped by chain saw right next to the bridge. They also replaced the three logs that ran parallel to the chords that the floor boards were laying on. They were also made from pine trees that were felled near the bridge while clearing the area. They were flattened on one side, and as you look from under the bridge, the three center logs still have bark showing.
        The Bed Timbers have been replaced on each end. These are what the trusses rest upon.
        The Queen post braces have all got rot on the bottom where they connect to the bottom chord. They have already replaced the bottom portions of the south side braces. They cut off about 2.5 feet, and made new bottoms parts and spliced them together. Where the old brace & new brace come together, they are connected with six nuts & bolts. They really look good.
Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Marie Penino, 11/17/00         The metal stirups or straps that were used in the original truss Will NOT be used again. They have crackes in them, and the bottom chords are bigger, so they will not fit back on the way they were used. I was told that the original metal straps were made from wagon wheels. I believe that the carpenter said that the Edinburgh Historical Society was going to put them in the Edinburgh Rural Museum. I hope this doesn't affect the National Register standing.
        A new roof will also be installed. It MAY be done this fall, but if the weather turns for the worse, it could be put off until next spring. It will be a metal roof, in a light brown color. Some additional roofing boards that the metal roof will be installed on are being added too. I assume for more support for the roof to carry the snow loads.
        The siding will not be replaced, but only boards will be replaced that need to be replaced. There was supposed to be some work done on the abutments, but I couldn't see where it was done. Maybe it was where the new bed timbers were installed.
Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Marie Penino, 11/17/00         Many trees have been cut on the hill side across Beechers Creek, and much more sunlight will get to the bridge now. Next to North Shore Road (county Rt-4) they have brought in a lot of fill & large boulders for additional parking.
        I did notice that there was a metal pipe coming out of the new fill and boulders. Maybe they put in some sort of drainage pipe to carry the water away from the bridge. That is a problem they have had in the past. Water used to run down the hill and right into the bridge. I believe that is what caused a lot of rot in the bottom chords on that end.
        That's what I saw today. I will try and get up there again in a couple of weeks and send out another update then.
        Later, David Guay

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Marie Penino, 11/17/00

Date: Wed., 17 Nov. 2000

From: Pat Kane
To: "Joe Nelson
Subject: Good Morning from Chilly NY!
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 06:44:28 -0500

Hi, Joe!
Any snow in Vermont yet?
I received these photos from Marie Penino this week and thought you might like see what has been happening with the Copeland Covered Bridge. The folks in Edinburg are working so very hard and should be commended for all their efforts. Their "Buy a Share of History" campaign is doing well, and as you can see, it is beginning to pay off. Their bridge is finally being restored.

Copeland Bridge: Photo by
Marie Penino, 11/17/00

Although a contractor has been hired to do the work, what is especially heart warming is how much some of the folks in Edinburg are pitching in and volunteering their time and talents to help restore this bridge. It really is wonderful to see a community all working together to preserve a piece of their heritage! The Edinburg Historical Society and the residents of Edinburg still have a long way to go, but they can sure be very proud of what they have accomplished so far. Another one of our bridges is being saved! What a really good feeling that is!

Have a good day, to you soon.
Warmly, Bob and Trish

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