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[Hi all - (Below)is an article that I wrote for the Indiana Covered Bridge Society's newsletter. Please feel free to include it in your newsletter as well if you have the room - Regards, Andy Rebman,Greenwood, IN]

Ceylon Covered Bridge Restored
WGN 14-01-02

Indiana - On Saturday, July 14, 2012, about a 100 people gathered at the Ceylon Covered Bridge in south Adams County Indiana to celebrate the rededication of the restored bridge. The event started a little after 4:00 PM and numerous dignitaries spoke including US Representative Marlin Stutzman. The theme of the speeches pointed to this restored covered bridge being the focal point of many hiking trials that are being planned for the future. If these are done, this bridge will be at the center of attention for many years to come. After the speeches and a quick ribbon cutting ceremony, a dinner was severed on the bridge to finish out the celebration.
      The contractor doing the restoration was able to save numerous original timbers. However, almost all of the lower chords had to be replaced due to the wood being damaged. About 30% of the deck was replaced as well. The siding of the bridge is new. Most of the truss members were salvaged and reused and very few of the cast iron boots were replaced. And of course the bridge received a new coat of paint when all was done.
      With all the work done to restore the Ceylon Covered Bridge, it will be standing when the next generation of Covered Bridgers goes on their safaris.

Ceylon Bridge Rededication
Ceylon Bridge Rededication

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