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Using the following as a check list, make semi-annual reports to the towns, with a copy to the statewide Bridge Watch Coordinator:

1) Bridge components are free of accumulated dirt and debris.
     yes __ no __ comment___________________________________________________
2) Drainage areas are free of debris. Run-off from deck drains and approaches is kept away
     from bridge elements below.
     yes___ no ___ comment__________________________________________________
3) Small trees and shrubs are kept clear of substructure units and the bridge superstructure.
     yes___ no___ comment___________________________________________________
4) River channels beneath bridges are clear of major debris.
     yes ___ no___ comment__________________________________________________
5) Proper load posting and advance warning signs are maintained and visible.
     yes___ no ___ comment___________________________________________________
6) Roof system is maintained and water-tight. Siding is repaired, replaced and maintained.
     yes___ no___ comment_____________________________________________________
7) Excessive snow accumulation is removed.
     yes___ no___ comment_____________________________________________________
8) Roadway approaches are smooth and maintained.
     yes___ no___ comment_____________________________________________________
9) Approach railings are reasonably straight, continuous and maintained.
     yes___ no ___ comment_____________________________________________________

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